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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brenton Charlton Trial Continues .. May 7, 2009

Roland Ellis was on the stand again today, implicating his friends in the murder of Brenton Charlton. Of course we all wanna know why the decision to snitch. Ellis explained that death threats started coming from one of the men accused in the murder of Charlton. Ellis states that Tyshan Riley had threatened to "dump him" because he refused to take a charge for him. Threats continued when Ellis was asked to throw drugs into the yard when Riley was in prison. Ellis asked him for bullets if he did this but afterwards when Ellis refused, Riley yelled out in anger his frustration with dealing with Ellis.

Roland had explained he went and obtained a bullet proof vest along with a gun after continuous threats were made by Riley. Ellis also testified today he wasn't in custody and had no outstanding charges when he gave his first statement to police in February 2005. Ellis was eventually kicked out of the witness protection program after allowing someone from the old neighbourhood to come over and stay with him. After being kicked out, he resorted back to selling drugs and was arrested, receiving a 2 year conditional sentence.

The trial continues.