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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Allen Benn Trial - May 26, 2009

The video of Allen Benn staggering into forward on to the pavement of the housing project he lived in at 40 Turf Grassway was shown to the jury yesterday. The crown argues that he was lured to his death by the two men that stand accused for his murder. While he lay bleeding and alone, three bystanders walked by, seemingly ignoring the mortally wounded young man. Police officers, who were in the neighbourhood, arrived a few minutes later.

Benn was stabbed 5 times and had seven wounds. Yesterday, the Crown spent most of the second day of the trial showing jurors excerpts of footage seized by police after the slaying. The security cameras capture some of the accused hanging out in the area over several hours during the day, although Peterkin doesn't arrive until about 15 minutes before the slaying, when he is seen with Blake and one of the teens charged.

Crown attorney David Wright has argued that Benn was killed in retaliation for warning a man named Richard "Ritchie" Poku "to be careful because people in the neighbourhood were ... seeking to rob him."