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Sunday, May 10, 2009

6 Shot at House Party

Police were busy around 3am this morning as gunmen showed up at 530 The West Mall. Detectives wouldn't say if the shooting began right away or if the suspects were at the party for a while. The 6 victims, are all in their 20s. Three victims are in critical condition. One person was shot in the face, another was shot in the back and another in the neck. Neighbours said at least one partygoer was targeted in retaliation for at least one of three recent murders in Toronto.

The witness said the host of the party, a young woman, was in her kitchen laughing with friends when the gunmen walked in. "She wants to find out exactly who done this," he said. "She just wants to find out why." Her brother was shot in the neck – "He ended up being there at the wrong time" – and she said she heard three shots, then three more, then a string of gunfire.