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Friday, May 22, 2009

5 Year Old Shot

Can you imagine, in the safety of her own home, a 5 year old, let me say it again, a 5 YEAR OLD child took a bullet to the chest. This is not a teenager, hanging on the corner with the boys. This is a little girl that is in kindergarten that suffered a bullet wound to the chest because some stupid punks decided to have a shoot out in a residential area.

Police were called to a complex near Weston Rd. and Lawrence around 8pm. The gunman approached a group and fired six to eight shots using two handguns. Witnesses said the gunman had been in the apartment, where a dispute occurred and shots were fired. As he left, he turned and fired several more times.

The little girl is named Taniyah Reynolds, it appears that a bullet had entered her chest and exited her back, causing injury to her lung. Surprisingly, her injuries are not life-threatening and she’ll be ok.

A 34 year old man was arrested but has since been released and police are on the look-out for the gunman.