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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shooting in the West End ......... AGAIN!!!

Another shooting has occurred in the Keele and Eglinton area. Around 7pm gunshots went off in the area however there was no victim and no shooter.

A patient with an apparent gunshot wound eventually staggered into Humber River Regional Hospital's Church St. site with injuries that aren't believed to be serious.

The circumstances of the shooting aren't clear but cops are said to be looking for a silver Acura.

Allen Benn Trial - May 26, 2009

The video of Allen Benn staggering into forward on to the pavement of the housing project he lived in at 40 Turf Grassway was shown to the jury yesterday. The crown argues that he was lured to his death by the two men that stand accused for his murder. While he lay bleeding and alone, three bystanders walked by, seemingly ignoring the mortally wounded young man. Police officers, who were in the neighbourhood, arrived a few minutes later.

Benn was stabbed 5 times and had seven wounds. Yesterday, the Crown spent most of the second day of the trial showing jurors excerpts of footage seized by police after the slaying. The security cameras capture some of the accused hanging out in the area over several hours during the day, although Peterkin doesn't arrive until about 15 minutes before the slaying, when he is seen with Blake and one of the teens charged.

Crown attorney David Wright has argued that Benn was killed in retaliation for warning a man named Richard "Ritchie" Poku "to be careful because people in the neighbourhood were ... seeking to rob him."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Man Hears Click Click

This man is lucky to be alive after coming close to his death. Roy (pictured) had just finished jerking some chicken on his grill at his restaurant DeJean's Cuisine near Morningside and Kingston Rd. He was in the restaurant putting the jerk chicken in the oven when he heard a clicking sound, the sound of a gun being cocked. As he turned around he saw a man pointing a gun at him.

The man in the hoodie was attempting to rob him and Roy managed to run next door to the hasty market. The gunman took off in a vehicle and took off down Morningside. He is still at large.

Allen Benn Trial - May 25, 2009

The trial of Allen Benn went underway and the crown currently is arguing that he was killed because he broke the “no snitching” rule.

Shaun Blake and Mackel Peterkin, both 20, have pleaded not guilty. Two youth have also been charged in Allen Benn’s murder and they will be tried separately in youth court.

Allen Benn was stabbed in April 2007 near Jane and Finch for supposedly warning lottery winner Richard Poku to “be careful because people in the neighbourhood were ... looking at him hard”. Why this lottery winner that won $1.1 million still lived in the ghetto, I’ll never understand, but whatever.

The trial continues throughout the week.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Brampton Schools on Lockdown

Investigators arrested a 19-year-old man and a 16-year-old, both from Brampton. They've since been charged with a number of weapon-related offences.

Four schools in the Brampton area are currently in lockdown after a shooting that occurred in the area of those schools. Police arrived to Cassie Campbell Community Center and located a person suffering from a bullet wound. No one in the schools were hurt.

Brenton Charlton Murder Trial - May 22, 2009

Marlon Wilson who refused to testify last week in the Brenton Charlton murder trial went on the stand yesterday and stated he lied about everything during the preliminary. The 29-year-old was having no part of it, saying he would be branded a snitch and wanted to come out of the federal penitentiary alive after serving out his sentence on a weapons charge.

He went on to say "I don't want to sit on this stand and lie on those guys," Wilson said, referring to the three defendants whom he has known close to or all of his life – Tyshan Riley, 26, Philip Atkins, 25 and Jason Wisdom, 23 (pictured).

The day just started out with denials, “I don’t knows” and “I wasn’t telling the truth”. Past transcripts were brought up and it was obvious to everyone, he was lying. “Everything I said at the preliminary hearing was lying," he said at one point, adding a minute later: "That is what I said but that wasn't the truth." He originally stated he was at the gathering at the house they chill at but then recanted and said he was originally at home.

Damn, this case is going all over the place, these boys really might get off.

13 Year Old Caught with Gun

A 13 year old boy was arrested this past weekend for carrying a handgun. He was arrested in the city’s west end around Jane and Falstaff. Police were speaking with the young boy when police saw him carrying a handgun. He is facing several charges, including carrying a concealed weapon.

This is just sad. To think of a 13 year old carrying a gun, God knows if he has already used it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

5 Year Old Shot

Can you imagine, in the safety of her own home, a 5 year old, let me say it again, a 5 YEAR OLD child took a bullet to the chest. This is not a teenager, hanging on the corner with the boys. This is a little girl that is in kindergarten that suffered a bullet wound to the chest because some stupid punks decided to have a shoot out in a residential area.

Police were called to a complex near Weston Rd. and Lawrence around 8pm. The gunman approached a group and fired six to eight shots using two handguns. Witnesses said the gunman had been in the apartment, where a dispute occurred and shots were fired. As he left, he turned and fired several more times.

The little girl is named Taniyah Reynolds, it appears that a bullet had entered her chest and exited her back, causing injury to her lung. Surprisingly, her injuries are not life-threatening and she’ll be ok.

A 34 year old man was arrested but has since been released and police are on the look-out for the gunman.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Furious Gunfight

A shooting that took place this past Monday was mistaken for the sounds of firecrackers. An exchange of bullets flew around midnight in the Kennedy and Finch area. People in the area mistook the sounds for firecrackers but one individual called police after hearing the sound of the gunshot.

Cops initially had little to go on, but soon found a connection to the reckless battle when a man suffering from a gunshot wound was dropped off at Scarborough Grace Hospital by a friend. Police allege that friend had a gun in his vehicle and he was arrested at the scene while doctors attended to his wounded mate.

The victim, believed to be in his 20s, is still in hospital in stable but serious condition. He's expected to survive.

Man Shot in Leg

Two brothers were shot yesterday in the Weston Rd. and 401 area Tuesday evening. A man answered a knock at the door and he was shot in the leg. The second man was grazed by a bullet.

As usual, the victim is not co-operating with the police.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Shots Fired in Jane and Finch

As we all know, if you give a teenager a gun, they'll get trigger happy and dumb over having this deadly weapon. And of course was proven in the Jane and Finch area this past weekend near a highrise in the driftwood area. Bullets flew from the apartment complex as the police had to duck for cover as bullets continued to fly.

Abshir Abdirashid, 19, is charged with possession of a restricted firearm with ammunition and possession of a firearm obtained by crime. Police say the gun's serial number had been altered.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shots Fired, Suspects Arrested

Shots were fired in the north end of the city after midnight last night. The incident occurred in a playground off Falstaff Ave. Investigators found the shell casings and arrested two underage suspects. No weapon was recovered.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brenton Charlton Trial - May 13, 2009

A witness that prosecutors thought would be able to help them in their case again 3 members of the Galloway Boys refused to take the oath and went on to say “I’m not testifying”.
Marlon Wilson was hopefully going to indicate that Tyshan Riley, Philiip Atkins, and Jason Wisdom are responsible for the death of Brenton Charlton.

He was to testify about receiving a call on the night of the shooting and talk about the gathering that took place later on that night. He was also to give evidence about the gun used in the killing.
"I'm not testifying," Marlon Wilson said shaking his head as jurors looked on in Superior Court. He was not found in contempt of the court, however the judge advised the jury to return Tuesday as clearly plans have changed.

Is This Your Son? Brother? Nephew?

Four young and dumb boys showing their face clear to the camera are wanted for a bank robbery that took place last week Thursday. At about 2:30pm, they entered the CIBC Branch on Kingston Road in Pickering, one armed with a knife and robbed the branch of an undisclosed amount of cash. A fifth suspect stayed outside. During their altercation with staff members, one of the suspects assaulted a female employee.

Don’t all of them look like they’re a mere 14-16 years old. Just sad!!

Most Wanted Caught in Jamaica

Well the police in Jamaica seem to be working hard as they’ve been catching criminals wanted in Canada like no tomorrow. Horace Headley (pictured) has been on Toronto’s Most Wanted list since 1991 for the murder of Stanley Anthony Shearer. Headley was arrested in Kingston, Jamaica and held for police after extradition proceedings were waived. Stanley was gunned down 18 years ago in his music production office near Midland and Sheppard Aves. He had been shot 8 times.

One of Shearer's assailants, Delroy Anthony Cain, was himself severely injured in the shooting and had an accomplice drive him from the Midland and Sheppard-area studio to a hospital. He was given emergency surgery on his gunshot wounds and then arrested for the crime. Clearly a case of friends setting up friends.
Yesterday, homicide detectives escorted Headley back to Toronto to face charges of first-degree murder. Reasons for Shearer’s murder are not exactly clear but it may have been a robbery as police have busted the studio before and drugs were found in the studio near Stanley’s body.

It goes to show, all these murderers think that when years pass they can get away with murder, it will eventually catch up with you, either you’ll end up dead or you will be caught. Even if it is 20 years later.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3 More Shootings....WTF!!!

So yes, there is a gang war going on in the west end and I've come to this conclusion seeing that there have been more than 3 shootings since this evening.

The first shooting occurred around Finch and Weston after a 22 year ran into a restaurant pleading for help. He was shot in his ass either before or after being dumped from a car. He'll be fine and he's not co-operating with police.

The second shooting happened near Jane and Sheppard. A flat out shootout took place in front of an apartment building where the man took a bullet to the leg. The man ran into the management office where 911 was called. Cops are hunting a suspect seen fleeing westbound on Sheppard in a White Nissan Maxima or Altima with tinted windows and a sunroof. He's described as a black male with an Afro hairstyle. He was apparently wearing some kind of camouflage.

At about 8:30pm, a shooting occurred around Chalkfarm. No one was hurt however there were several shell casings found. Two men wearing masks were spotted fleeing the scene in a grey or silver coloured vehicle.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Homicide #18 - Adrian Johnston

Is There a Gang War Going On?

A teenager was killed today around 5pm. He was shot in the chest, stomach and shoulder in a hydro field off Scarlett Rd. and Eileen Ave, just north of Dundas St. W. He died instantly. This is the fourth fatal shooting that the 12th division has had to deal with in the past month.

The victim is only 14 years old and was clad in a Runnymede uniform. The campus is just down the road from the scene of the killing. The description of the suspect is as follows:

Darker skin colour
5'6" to 5'7"
Wearing all black at the time
Pants and a hoody on with the hoody up with a mask that covered his mouth and face for the most part leaving his eyes exposed
White swirl design either on the front or the back of the hoody

This area has had numerous shootings in the past month and it honestly doesn't look good.

6 people were shot at a house party in the West Mall area.
Jarvis St. Remy was shot at a bus stop near Dundas St. W.
Daniel Lewis was shot near Keele and Rogers
Omar Waite was shot near Jane and Eglinton

Sunday, May 10, 2009

6 Shot at House Party

Police were busy around 3am this morning as gunmen showed up at 530 The West Mall. Detectives wouldn't say if the shooting began right away or if the suspects were at the party for a while. The 6 victims, are all in their 20s. Three victims are in critical condition. One person was shot in the face, another was shot in the back and another in the neck. Neighbours said at least one partygoer was targeted in retaliation for at least one of three recent murders in Toronto.

The witness said the host of the party, a young woman, was in her kitchen laughing with friends when the gunmen walked in. "She wants to find out exactly who done this," he said. "She just wants to find out why." Her brother was shot in the neck – "He ended up being there at the wrong time" – and she said she heard three shots, then three more, then a string of gunfire.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shooting in North York

A man was shot with a rifle this afternoon after a robbery attempt at his York Mills apt. The man took a bullet to the stomach and his friends drove him to North York General where he was later transported to a trauma unit downtown.

Friends of the victim say he is a very nice person, not into gangs and even reads his bible. They don't really understand why he was targeted. What I wanna know is where in the world these men got a rifle. That's a killer weapon.

Police are looking for three black men. No real distinctive features on anyone except one of the suspects had a hat that says HMC.

Brenton Charlton Trial Continues .. May 7, 2009

Roland Ellis was on the stand again today, implicating his friends in the murder of Brenton Charlton. Of course we all wanna know why the decision to snitch. Ellis explained that death threats started coming from one of the men accused in the murder of Charlton. Ellis states that Tyshan Riley had threatened to "dump him" because he refused to take a charge for him. Threats continued when Ellis was asked to throw drugs into the yard when Riley was in prison. Ellis asked him for bullets if he did this but afterwards when Ellis refused, Riley yelled out in anger his frustration with dealing with Ellis.

Roland had explained he went and obtained a bullet proof vest along with a gun after continuous threats were made by Riley. Ellis also testified today he wasn't in custody and had no outstanding charges when he gave his first statement to police in February 2005. Ellis was eventually kicked out of the witness protection program after allowing someone from the old neighbourhood to come over and stay with him. After being kicked out, he resorted back to selling drugs and was arrested, receiving a 2 year conditional sentence.

The trial continues.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brenton Charles Murder Trial Continues - May 6, 2009

The key witness, Roland Ellis implicated his three childhood friends for the drive-by shooting that killed Brenton Charlton and injured his friend. Ellis, 26, on the stand for a second day, said that on the evening of that date, he saw Wisdom, Atkins and Riley inside a dark grey, two-door Pathfinder in the area where he lived at Kingston and Galloway Roads. Witnesses said a vehicle resembling a Pathfinder pulled up alongside Charlton's blue Neon moments before it was sprayed it with bullets.

After the murder had taken place, the three individuals charged along with 20 other friends and Roland went over to their hang out spot. When the news came on around 9pm, Riley told everyone to be quiet in order to watch the news. When the news item mentioned the shooting and that two men in their early 40s were the victims, "Mr. Riley basically said no, what the f**k . . . no, no, no," Ellis testified. The prosecution says Chartlon and Bell were mistaken for a Malvern gang member known as Ross P, whose real name is Alton.

Ellis said he asked why Riley was reacting to the news report the way he was and Wisdom told him, "Don't worry about it." Ellis confirmed that Wisdom then stated that they saw a blue neon and started firing thinking it was a rival gang member.

The trial continues.

Durham Homicides

Durham police are busy after 3 homicides last night.

The first was 2 men found in the trunk of a stolen rental car in Pickering around. Both men found in the trunk had been beaten and shot. Their bodies had been discovered around 4:30pm yesterday after a resident had reported the car had been in the same spot for over 24 hours.

Several hours later, police discovered the lifeless body of a 60 year old woman in a downtown Oshawa house and was left in the home for several days.

Brenton Charles Murder Trial Continues - May 5, 2009

A former friend of the 3 men accused of killing Brenton Charles and a former Galloway Boys member testified on behalf of the crown yesterday in the murder of Brenton Charles. Roland Ellis, a key witness for the prosecutor explained to the courts what started the gangwar.

On Tuesday, he told the court that the murder of 21-year-old Norris Allen in 2002 ultimately started a brutal war between rival gangs, The Galloway Boys, and the Malvern Crew, which in turn led to Charlton's killing.

Riley, one of the accused was close with Norris continuously blamed the Malvern Crew for Norris’s death. Ellis was in the witness protection program, but has since opted out. He'll be back on the stand Wednesday.

Jarvis St. Remy Mother Pleads for Info

His murder may be one of mistaken identity. Who knows with all the stupidness going on with these boys it even could have been some gang initiation s**t. Jarvis lost his life this past weekend and his mother is pleading for the killers to come forward.

Her son who aspired to be an engineer was never in trouble, not part of a gang and the family is trying to come to grips with why this happened to him. His mother cannot say that he has ever gone down the wrong path.

His funeral will take place this Saturday, one day before Mother’s day. She will never see her son again but more than anything she would just like closure. Jarvis was the 16th homicide this year and the 3rd black man in 3 weeks.

Contact police if you know anything.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Trial Begins in Murder of Brenton Charlton

Killed for nothing. This man lost his life because of a dumb war between Malvern and Galloway. Brenton Charlton was shot to death 5 years ago near Nielson and Finch. Leonard Bell, a friend in the passenger seat was also shot 9 times but survived. It was clearly a case of mistaken identity. The real target was supposedly "Ras P" a rival from the Malvern Crew.

Today, the three men accused of killing him were in court, charged with his first-degree murder, and attempted murder. On trial is Tyshan Riley, the alleged leader of the notorious Galloway Boys gang, along with Jason Wisdom and Phil Atkins.

The family of Brenton expressed so much grief over this senseless murder and pray for justice to be served.

I remember this shooting like it was yesterday, it was my last year in college and one of my classmates was Brenton's co-worker, tears streamed down her eyes as she told me of his death. It's surprising at how long it has taken for this trial to begin. If these men are responsible for this man's death, I hope they get what they deserve.

R.I.P. Brenton

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Couple of Shootings

Around 5:20pm this yesterday police were called to Weston Rd. and Eglinton after a report of shots being fired. When they arrived, a home was full of bullet holes in the doors and windows. No one was home. The person of interest in this case is a black man, wearing a black and white hooded sweater and a blue or black baseball cap.

Last night a 60 year old man made his way into a coffee shop after being shot in the foot. He was taken the Humber River and treated.

A few hours later, a man was shot at Markham and Sheppard while sitting in his car at a strip mall. He was taken to the hospital and treated for non-threatening injuries.

No suspects in the 2 cases.

Suspects Wanted for Kidnapping

These two men are wanted by police for kidnapping a man and torturing him for him until he managed to escape. They say a 22-year-old man was walking in the Gerrard Street E. and Broadview Avenue area when two men he knows grabbed him and dragged him into a taxi.

The victim managed to escape and went to the hospital. He was treated for serious injuries including broken bones in his face and feet. Police say they're not sure about a motive, but they believe it is drug related.
Police are looking for 20-year-old Anheim Bol, who also goes by the name "African." They are also on the look out for 20-year-old Luis Sampedro whose street name is "Sluggs"

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Homicide #16 - Jarvis St. Remy

Our latest murder victim is once again a black man. Jarvis St. Remy was gunned down as his stood at a Dundas W. bus stop.

Two men were spotted fleeing from the scene. No suspect description is available at this time.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Homicide #13 - Michael Minott

This young man was homicide #13 for this year but police have recently released his photograph and details about his murder.

Michael Minott, only 19 was stabbed to death on April 17th around 2am in the morning. He was stabbed in an apartment that belonged to his girlfriend. Arrested was Jason Coleman who is the father to 2 children for Minott’s girlfriend.

Neighbours reported "It was about 2:30 in the morning. I woke up to screaming. I woke up and my heart sank," What she heard was the panicked voice of a woman and an angry male.
"No, not my Jason," she remembers the girl yelling.
"You made me do it. It's all your fault, you stupid b----," she heard a male yell back.

Jason Coleman, 21, will be charged with second-degree murder.