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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jermaine Watson .. A Man Gone Too Soon

The family of Jermaine Watson wanted to express the love they had for this young man and would like help from the community in fixing Canada's broken justice system. Please read.

2006 Murder, Man charged and out on bail

You may remember the shooting death of Jermaine Watson in his Scarborough Gulf Club Road apartment in 2006. He was a young intelligent man with a promising future that was cut too short at the age of 18. The alleged suspect who is now charged with first-degree murder was his Ex-Girlfriend and mother of his child Jacqueline Levesque. A selfish, cold hearted murder left family and friends torn, and a young daughter without a father or a mother. It has been 3 long emotional years that have passed and Jermaine is still dearly missed. Before his death he was accepted into Centennial College following his dream of becoming a Police officer, that dream, without notice would soon be shattered at the hands of someone else. He enjoyed playing sports, especially basketball, and was a top athlete at his highschool Danforth Collegiate. He was very intelligent and enjoyed reading books and writing. He had a loving connection and relationship with his parents and 3 siblings, and he loved and adored his daughter.

The only thing left to remember Jermaine by are pictures and memories that could never replace him or mend many broken hearts till this day. Jacqueline Levesque is still serving time in jail for her involvement in Jermaine's murder, it has been 3 years and she's awaiting trail for her conviction.

There was another arrest made in the case with a 25 year old man named Carrift Jones-Solomon (Rukus) who was charged with first-degree murder and concealing a fire arm and using it. He served a few months in jail before receiving bail on Wednesday April 8, 2009. It just seems like a slap on the hand, that this man can be charged with taking someones life and still be given the chance at freedom amongst our streets and communities.

Although he is on house arrest with terms and conditions that he has to follow, this man may still be armed, but it is obvious he is dangerous. How safe would you feel? Could you imagine how Jermaine's family feels? The Canadian court system believes a person is "innocent until proven guilty" but where do you draw the line? There doesn't seem to be one. There is no justice when the lives of other people aren't taken into consideration, when a murderer is let out and people especially the victims involved no longer feel safe. I know this isn't the only story out there with an outcome like this and we would love for anyone to share their thoughts and opinions.

We hope the creation of this group will not only bring awareness to everyone, but we want the support of people to join us and bring awareness to the Courts, media, polices, judges, etc in regards to the effects and emotions when our justice system has failed us once again.