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Friday, April 24, 2009

Jane Creba Suspect Sentenced

We now know his name and how he looks. Jorrell Simpson-Rowe, formerly called JSR due to the fact he was charged when he was a young offender in the murder of Jane Creba. The judge read aloud all the issues that Jorrell had as a child, a drug dealing daddy, a drunk abusive mother and a no role models in his life.

Psychologists determined that Jorrell had emotional problems typical for a person his age like all his anger issues. However with all the problems that the judge saw in this young man, he was handed a life sentence. However in 4 years he will be eligible for parole which in my opinion will be rejected.

The court does not think his bullet killed Jane but because he was involved in the gunfight, he was charged. The judge did one thing today, he made an example out of this young man. Hopefully young black men look at this and see what can happen when a life of crime is chosen. This man has been given a sentence that hopefully will rehabilitate him. With was he was handed today, it hopefully wakes each of these young black men up, just because you didn't fire the bullet, if you were there, you can face punishment.

Seven adult men are scheduled to go on trial in September. A young offender had a court date in December, but his trial date has not been set. A ninth suspect was picked up in England last month. Extradition proceedings are underway and police say he will face a manslaughter charge.