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Friday, April 3, 2009

Gangsta Girl!!

Drug sweep that took place in Scarborough this past weekend and a woman has been named the main gun supplier to two Scarborough street gangs headed by a 42-year-old man alleged to be a firearms and narcotics kingpin known on the street as "Whoppy King."

Lisa Parmanand, 29 and Hubert Green (Whoppy King), both of Toronto, were identified in the papers as two of the key people arrested among the 125 nabbed during pre-dawn raids across Greater Toronto on Wednesday. Green is well respected and feared and controlled both members of the MNE and 400 Crew located in the Markham & Eglinton area.

Green's main supplier of guns and drugs was Lisa Parmanand, the prosecution claims. Documents allege she is also a "large supplier of firearms to gangs within Canada" and "has been identified in the smuggling of in excess of 50 firearms from the United States of America, specifically Georgia and Illinois." In 2005, Parmanand was arrested in Buffalo, N.Y., on an outstanding warrant for firearms trafficking and drug possession, U.S. officials said. She was sentenced to 33 months and 36 months of supervised release and served her time in Canada. In 2006, in South Bend, Ind., Parmanand was sentenced to 24 months concurrently on a charge of importing a controlled substance and two of importing marijuana.

What a dummy!! You know she’s going to get all the blame for this.