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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Face of an Idiot

This piece of scum kidnapped a three year old girl in order to force her mother to work as a prostitute. His name is Tyrone Dillon and he is accused of taking the youngster and using the child as leverage to keep his other victim from leaving or calling the police.

As she attempted to escape he assaulted her. The 31-year-old is facing a number of charges, including procurement, living on the avails of prostitution, procuring illicit sex and exercising control.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Arrest Made in Murder of Jose Saez

Jose Hierro Saez was shot on June 9, 2007 and the police have now caught the final suspect in the case. Police put out warrants for the arrest of Anthony Grant (pic below) and Devon Vivian (pic below). Anthony was arrested in Kingston, Jamaica August 27, 2007 and police arrested their last suspect in Kingston, Jamaica on March 20, 2009.

He came back to Canada last week. It's surprising how the Jamaican police stepped up and assisted with this case.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shooting in Scarborough, No one hurt

A shooting occured at that club near Kennedy and Ellesmere however it looks as there was no victim. Cops were able to find only the shell casings in the area.

Summer is here, clearly the trigger happy men are out.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Man Shot, Three Men Arrested

Once again another shooting occurred last night in the Bathurst and Sheppard around 12:35am. The victim was shot in the head. The 23-year-old was rushed to Sunnybrook where he remains in critical but not life-threatening condition. Three men have been arrested in connection with the case.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jane Creba Suspect Sentenced

We now know his name and how he looks. Jorrell Simpson-Rowe, formerly called JSR due to the fact he was charged when he was a young offender in the murder of Jane Creba. The judge read aloud all the issues that Jorrell had as a child, a drug dealing daddy, a drunk abusive mother and a no role models in his life.

Psychologists determined that Jorrell had emotional problems typical for a person his age like all his anger issues. However with all the problems that the judge saw in this young man, he was handed a life sentence. However in 4 years he will be eligible for parole which in my opinion will be rejected.

The court does not think his bullet killed Jane but because he was involved in the gunfight, he was charged. The judge did one thing today, he made an example out of this young man. Hopefully young black men look at this and see what can happen when a life of crime is chosen. This man has been given a sentence that hopefully will rehabilitate him. With was he was handed today, it hopefully wakes each of these young black men up, just because you didn't fire the bullet, if you were there, you can face punishment.

Seven adult men are scheduled to go on trial in September. A young offender had a court date in December, but his trial date has not been set. A ninth suspect was picked up in England last month. Extradition proceedings are underway and police say he will face a manslaughter charge.

Another Shooting on Jane Strip

A man ran into a donut shop asking for help after suffering gunshot wounds to the leg. The incident occurred around Jane and Threthewey around 7pm. A car filled with up to four men was spotted fleeing the scene. One of those inside was armed with a shotgun.

The victims injuries are not considered life-threatening. No suspects have been arrested.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Homicide #15 - Omar Waite

I reported yesterday that a young man was shot around Jane and Eglinton last night at 7pm and unfortunately he did not make it. 29 year old Omar Waite died in hospital from the bullet wound he suffered to his head.

Police are now wondering if this murder and the murder of Danny Lewis is connected. There are reports police are looking into the possibility of gang warfare as the cause of the escalating violence. Waite is believed to have been a member of the Gators, while Lewis is said to have belonged to a group known as the Five Point Generals.

A 17 year old has been arrested in the murder of Danny Lewis, police are now busy looking for a suspect in the murder of Omar Waite.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Homicide #14 - Danny Lewis

UPDATE: Another 17 year old has been arrested in this young man's murder. He appears in court tomorrow facing second degree murder charges.

The latest murder victim is a young black man named Danny Lewis. His mother expressed the countless times she mentioned to her son that he needed to stay away from his crowd of friends. His mother stated that she feared for him after at only 13 years old he was expelled from school leaving him to hang out in the streets.

"My son, he was brought up in church and a lot of people say it starts at home," she laments, a grief-filled quiver in her voice. "But sometimes you do your best and they go out and they get hooked up with the wrong crowds and you just hope you can turn them around.

Witnesses heard a voice shouting don't "disrespect me!" followed by gunshots. By the time paramedics arrived shortly after 6pm, Lewis had been shot in the back several times and had no vital signs. Doctors were able to revive him but he later died in hospital. His mother stated that she feared for him after at only 13 years old he was expelled from school leaving him to hang out in the streets.

Police have recovered a gun near the scene and have taken two suspects, a 19-year-old and a youth, into custody.

Arrest Made in Two Durham Murders

Khristian Ottley was the first murder in the Durham region last year. January 14 2008, Khristian was found shot to death in his car off of a dirt road in Pickering. Police have no idea why Khristian lost his life and continued to look for answers.

Within a couple of days another young man's life was also taken in the peel region, his name was Jeffrey Warne. Jeffrey Warne, 19, was found dead on Hollyhedge Drive in Pickering on Jan 27, 2008. A second man was also found with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. Jeffrey decided to start selling drugs and unfortunately boasted about his new found wealth which most likely led to his death as it looks as if he was being robbed.

Police wondered if both cases were connected and in some way they were. Both murders took place different days and in different locations. Two young men have now been charged in both murders. Damion Dicketta Pearson, 21, of no fixed address, was charged with one count of second degree murder and one count of attempted murder. Jerome Campbell, 20, of no fixed address is charged with second degree murder. He also faces one count of attempted murder for the shooting of another man at the same residence.

GTAs most wanted aired stories on both case. Click links below to watch video

Khristian Ottley

Jeffrey Warne

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Woman Shot in Bar Brawl

A young woman is fighting for her life after a few dumb men decided to get into a brawl at a bar. A fight broke out at a bar around Birchmount and Danforth around 3am. After the fight spilled out on to the street, shots were fired and the innocent bystander was hit in the head with a bullet.

Three men suffered stab wounds, two of whom were able to walk to hospital unassisted.
Police have made an arrest, but are still looking for at least one more suspect.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yorkdale Mall Shooting

IS THAT YOUR SON? BROTHER? This all happened around 1pm, why weren't these damn kids in school.

A security guards life was spared today as a bulletproof vest saved his life. The guard was shot in the chest during a confrontation with two robbery suspects Thursday afternoon. The noise of the gunfire sent frightened shoppers running.

SIU has been called in as it appears a 17 year old suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. Stories indicate the boys that have been arrested were in the process of committing a robbery. Two suspects, aged 15 and 17, were taken into custody. It's alleged the 15-year-old was carrying the gun.

Despite the shooting, Branoff called Yorkdale "a very safe mall.". YEAH RIGHT. I know at least 3 people that have been robbed at this mall. Lets just say I no longer park on the Holt Renfrew side if I decide to go there which is like once a year.

CW Jeffreys in the News Again

A 16 year old boy was found in CW Jeffrey's yesterday with a loaded handgun in the school. He has been charged with 12 offences including carrying a concealed weapon, unauthorized possession of a firearm and failure to comply with probation. (already on probation, just sad). The arrest was made early in the morning and no threat was made to the staff or students.

According to a published report, someone had tipped off principal Audley Salmon, who called police before the boy's arrival Wednesday morning.

CW Jeffreys continues to get bad publicity after the shooting death of Jordan Manners and a severe stabbing last year. I honestly would take my child out of this school, clearly things will never change, even with the cops walking the halls every now and then.

Jermaine Watson .. A Man Gone Too Soon

The family of Jermaine Watson wanted to express the love they had for this young man and would like help from the community in fixing Canada's broken justice system. Please read.

2006 Murder, Man charged and out on bail

You may remember the shooting death of Jermaine Watson in his Scarborough Gulf Club Road apartment in 2006. He was a young intelligent man with a promising future that was cut too short at the age of 18. The alleged suspect who is now charged with first-degree murder was his Ex-Girlfriend and mother of his child Jacqueline Levesque. A selfish, cold hearted murder left family and friends torn, and a young daughter without a father or a mother. It has been 3 long emotional years that have passed and Jermaine is still dearly missed. Before his death he was accepted into Centennial College following his dream of becoming a Police officer, that dream, without notice would soon be shattered at the hands of someone else. He enjoyed playing sports, especially basketball, and was a top athlete at his highschool Danforth Collegiate. He was very intelligent and enjoyed reading books and writing. He had a loving connection and relationship with his parents and 3 siblings, and he loved and adored his daughter.

The only thing left to remember Jermaine by are pictures and memories that could never replace him or mend many broken hearts till this day. Jacqueline Levesque is still serving time in jail for her involvement in Jermaine's murder, it has been 3 years and she's awaiting trail for her conviction.

There was another arrest made in the case with a 25 year old man named Carrift Jones-Solomon (Rukus) who was charged with first-degree murder and concealing a fire arm and using it. He served a few months in jail before receiving bail on Wednesday April 8, 2009. It just seems like a slap on the hand, that this man can be charged with taking someones life and still be given the chance at freedom amongst our streets and communities.

Although he is on house arrest with terms and conditions that he has to follow, this man may still be armed, but it is obvious he is dangerous. How safe would you feel? Could you imagine how Jermaine's family feels? The Canadian court system believes a person is "innocent until proven guilty" but where do you draw the line? There doesn't seem to be one. There is no justice when the lives of other people aren't taken into consideration, when a murderer is let out and people especially the victims involved no longer feel safe. I know this isn't the only story out there with an outcome like this and we would love for anyone to share their thoughts and opinions.

We hope the creation of this group will not only bring awareness to everyone, but we want the support of people to join us and bring awareness to the Courts, media, polices, judges, etc in regards to the effects and emotions when our justice system has failed us once again.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Gangsta Girl!!

Drug sweep that took place in Scarborough this past weekend and a woman has been named the main gun supplier to two Scarborough street gangs headed by a 42-year-old man alleged to be a firearms and narcotics kingpin known on the street as "Whoppy King."

Lisa Parmanand, 29 and Hubert Green (Whoppy King), both of Toronto, were identified in the papers as two of the key people arrested among the 125 nabbed during pre-dawn raids across Greater Toronto on Wednesday. Green is well respected and feared and controlled both members of the MNE and 400 Crew located in the Markham & Eglinton area.

Green's main supplier of guns and drugs was Lisa Parmanand, the prosecution claims. Documents allege she is also a "large supplier of firearms to gangs within Canada" and "has been identified in the smuggling of in excess of 50 firearms from the United States of America, specifically Georgia and Illinois." In 2005, Parmanand was arrested in Buffalo, N.Y., on an outstanding warrant for firearms trafficking and drug possession, U.S. officials said. She was sentenced to 33 months and 36 months of supervised release and served her time in Canada. In 2006, in South Bend, Ind., Parmanand was sentenced to 24 months concurrently on a charge of importing a controlled substance and two of importing marijuana.

What a dummy!! You know she’s going to get all the blame for this.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Man Shot in Pickering

A 24 year old man opened the door to two bullets. As he answered the door he was shot in the neck and ear. His mother that works in a nursing home nearby ran over screaming "they shot my son, they shot my son".

The victim was airlifted to St. Michael's Hospital with life-threatening injuries. He is now in stable condition under police guard.

There are no suspect descriptions at this time.