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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unfortunate Deaths this Past Week

Some unfortunate deaths happened this week that I thought I should note on this site even though they are not murders. The first was this past weekend. Jafari Williamson was struck by a Go Train and police think it was a case of misadventure. He only had leg injuries at the time but he died in the hospital. Jafari was only 18 years old.

Yesterday a fire broke out in a Weston Rd. apartment and took the life of 4 year old Jahshy Buchanan and his mother 22 year old Schanelle Brown who was 8 months pregnant. Police are now treating the fire as a crime scene but haven’t released further details into this case. Two other females who were in the apartment at the time are currently in critical condition. No further details have been released but I would like to send my condolences to both families and to Jahshy father’s family, the Buchanan's who I personally know. R.I.P.
Natalie Burgher is the 3rd victim who passed away last Wednesday as a result of this fire on Weston Rd. R.I.P.