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Monday, February 23, 2009

Shooting on the TTC .... AGAIN!

UPDATE: One suspect has been arrested in this shooting. the second suspect turned himself in.

Surprise Surprise, another shooting occured on the TTC today. I just feel sorry for innocent passengers that are minding their own business and have to be subjected to these horrible attacks constantly occuring. The man took a bullet to the hip while on the bus after an argument started on the bus in the Oakwood and Amherst area.
The victim and his attackers supposedly know each other. After the victim was shot, the attackers began kicking and stomping on him while he lay on the ground bleeding. The teen's injuries aren't life threatening and he's been taken to hospital.

The suspects are described as:
Medium black complexion,
Thin build,
Facial hair.
Low voice
He was was armed with the gun.

Dark black complexion,
Early 30s,
Clean shaven.

Sounds like the TTC needs metal detectors now.