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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Lot Can Happen in 2.5 Hours

Shooting at 7pm

A man took a bullet around 7pm tonight at Yonge and Gloucester outside a pizza restaurant. He has suffered serious gunshot wound and has been rushed to the hospital/ There is no word yet on his condition. No suspects as of yet.

Stabbing at 5pm

A stabbing took place around 427 and Dundas W. after two males got into some type of confrontation. One was stabbed in the stomach but is expected to be OK. Four people have been taken into custody.

Train Push at 4:3opm

Two young boys, only 14 were thrown on the tracks at Dufferin Station today, supposedly by a complete stranger. A TTC worker and civilian tried to wrestle the man to the ground but he got away. But didn't make it too far as commuters followed and stayed with police on the phone to keep track of his whereabouts. he was eventually arrested and is now in police custody. One of the boys is OK but one boy was actually hit by the train and his condition is a little worse.