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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free! Free! Free!

Owen Anthony Smith (pictured) and Wendell Damian Cuff, both 26, who were jailed last year for the murder of Abdikarim Abdikarim last March have been freed from jail today. Both men walked out free men today as murder charges against both of them were dropped. Abdikarim was shot in the head in the Lawrence and Allen Rd. area.

Witnesses, some who even took bullets, refused to testify most likely due to fear. The graphic video which was not too clear showed a man walking and just pulling out a gun and shooting. The defense lawyers for Cuff and Smith are pleased with the dismissal, noting that without sufficient evidence there was no way the two could have been found guilty.

It honestly scares me that these cold blooded men are back out on the street. I hope they make something of their life as they actually got a second chance. Abdikarim, didn't and his father now has to continue to deal with this whole ordeal knowing that the killer of his son is walking the streets.

The good part is that the Crown has a year to refile the charges if new evidence appears. so who knows, someone might have a heart and testify. We'll hope and see.