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Friday, February 27, 2009

Homicide #9 - Daniel Da Silva

Police have arrested Andre Gladstone Pierre and charged him with first degree murder. One suspect is outstanding.

A man was found shot to death in a BMW SUV last night in the Keele and Eglinton areas behind the York Civic Center. The victim has been identified as Daniel Da Silva, 22 years old. Witnesses report hearing up to three shots and seeing a suspect running from the scene. This is the 9th homicide in the GTA so far.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free! Free! Free!

Owen Anthony Smith (pictured) and Wendell Damian Cuff, both 26, who were jailed last year for the murder of Abdikarim Abdikarim last March have been freed from jail today. Both men walked out free men today as murder charges against both of them were dropped. Abdikarim was shot in the head in the Lawrence and Allen Rd. area.

Witnesses, some who even took bullets, refused to testify most likely due to fear. The graphic video which was not too clear showed a man walking and just pulling out a gun and shooting. The defense lawyers for Cuff and Smith are pleased with the dismissal, noting that without sufficient evidence there was no way the two could have been found guilty.

It honestly scares me that these cold blooded men are back out on the street. I hope they make something of their life as they actually got a second chance. Abdikarim, didn't and his father now has to continue to deal with this whole ordeal knowing that the killer of his son is walking the streets.

The good part is that the Crown has a year to refile the charges if new evidence appears. so who knows, someone might have a heart and testify. We'll hope and see.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shooting on the TTC .... AGAIN!

UPDATE: One suspect has been arrested in this shooting. the second suspect turned himself in.

Surprise Surprise, another shooting occured on the TTC today. I just feel sorry for innocent passengers that are minding their own business and have to be subjected to these horrible attacks constantly occuring. The man took a bullet to the hip while on the bus after an argument started on the bus in the Oakwood and Amherst area.
The victim and his attackers supposedly know each other. After the victim was shot, the attackers began kicking and stomping on him while he lay on the ground bleeding. The teen's injuries aren't life threatening and he's been taken to hospital.

The suspects are described as:
Medium black complexion,
Thin build,
Facial hair.
Low voice
He was was armed with the gun.

Dark black complexion,
Early 30s,
Clean shaven.

Sounds like the TTC needs metal detectors now.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Homicide # 8 - Peter Bowen

Peter Bowen, 20 years old was shot and killed last night around the 7 0'clock hour behind a highrise on Driftwood Crt. The victim has been shot once in the chest and had been transported to Sunnybrook but died a short time later. Investigators believe a dispute began in the building's lobby and spilled out onto the street. As the argument escalated, the suspect pulled a gun and shot Bowen in the chest.

The suspects are described as:
Suspect #1 is:
130 lbs.

The second wanted man is:
170 lbs.m
Medium build.

Both were dressed in very specific gear, including:
A black baseball cap with the letter D,
A blue bandana with a teardrop pattern,
A black hooded winter jacket,
A black or gun-metal shiny jeans with greyish threading and
Black Timberland shoes.

Contact police if you have information in regards to this case. Another black youth gone, JUST SAD!

Pacific Mall Shooting

Shots rang out at Pacific Mall on Friday February 20 and police are on the hunt for a black man described as 6 feet, thin build , some facial hair last seen wearing grey hooded sweatshirt with the hood up and dark-coloured pants.

The pic is footage from the security cameras in the mall. The suspect was seen entering the cell phone store where a store employee, 26-year-old, Chun Kit "Daniel" Cheong of Toronto was shot once in the head. The suspect was seen bolting out the store after the shots went off.

Contact police if you know who this is.

Peel Homicides May be Related

The police have somehow come up with a theory in regards to the killings of two men in the peel region. On the right, Glenford Reid was shot to death on June 30, 2008 at a Canada Day party in Brampton. On the left, 47 year old Winston Watson was shot a couple of months earlier on March 15, 2008. He was found in the Highway 427 and Finch area and died later on that night in the hospital.

Police say both victims knew each other, and they were associated with a certain circle of people who may be associated with both murders. Police say nothing is off the table with narcotics, revenge, guns and gangs all being explored as possible motives. . Police said both victims have once place in common, ties to Jamaica. Of course this makes no sense, they probably do have ties to Jamaica cause they're probably born there.

But whatever they think, the police feel that by leaking this story that they knew each other will help them solve the case. So while painting both victims in a negative light, they still want the help of the community that won't talk about what happened. So if you know anything call the police to help solve this crimee.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Lot Can Happen in 2.5 Hours

Shooting at 7pm

A man took a bullet around 7pm tonight at Yonge and Gloucester outside a pizza restaurant. He has suffered serious gunshot wound and has been rushed to the hospital/ There is no word yet on his condition. No suspects as of yet.

Stabbing at 5pm

A stabbing took place around 427 and Dundas W. after two males got into some type of confrontation. One was stabbed in the stomach but is expected to be OK. Four people have been taken into custody.

Train Push at 4:3opm

Two young boys, only 14 were thrown on the tracks at Dufferin Station today, supposedly by a complete stranger. A TTC worker and civilian tried to wrestle the man to the ground but he got away. But didn't make it too far as commuters followed and stayed with police on the phone to keep track of his whereabouts. he was eventually arrested and is now in police custody. One of the boys is OK but one boy was actually hit by the train and his condition is a little worse.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thief Gets Away with Lots of Guns

A man robbed a home of 12 guns this past Saturday in the east end around Wingarden Crt. 10 handguns and 2 long rifles were the weapons that were taken from the home. A security camera in the apartment building caught a view of the suspect as seen in the picture. Police have described the suspect as black, 5’10 and 20-25 years old. Clearly he’s armed and dangerous and needs to be off the streets.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Victim #7- Alexis Eracleous

UPDATE: Police have arrested Joseph Leitch in connection with this man's murder. The second suspect is still outstanding.


The victim has now been identified as 30-year-old Alexis Eracleous. Police have now released a video that may give a clue to who their suspects are. The suspects are described as black male 20-25 years old and a white male around 21 years old. Alexis was a student at Centennial College and this looks like it may have been a robbery as drugs were stolen from the victims apartment that he shared with his mother.

A man was shot to death last night in the Kennedy and 401 area off of Glamorgan. He was shot twice in his chest in a ground level unit on the building. The victim's friend was able to call 911 but once paramedics arrived, the victim was drifting in and out of consciousness and was pronounced dead shortly after. Three suspects were reportedly seen fleeing in an older model grey vehicle.

Unresolved Murder - Reon Paul

He was the 30th homicide victim of 2006. A video has been released of 22 year old Reon Paul (pictured) who was killed in 2006. Reon was stabbed to death while at a celebration at Jane and Wilson with other soccer fans during the game between Ghana and the United States.

Police are showing this graphic video in hopes that anyone with information or details surrounding his death will come forward. Paul's friends have said that he was killed because he was wearing the wrong colours, a blue bandanna in a 'red' neighbourhood. 3 people were arrested and charged with second degree murder however the three were ultimately released without facing trial due to lack of evidence. Police are still searching for two black males in relation to the case.

Click below to view the video

Friday, February 6, 2009

Unresolved Murder - Curwin Clarke

This is homicide victim #19 of 2004. Curwin Clarke was shot to death on May 2, 2004. He was in his apartment with his girlfriend when an intruder entered his Coxwell Ave. apartment through the rear fire escape door and confronted him and opened fire. The assailant was described as between 5'07" and 5'09" tall, weighing 160 to 170 lbs.

The shooter briefly left the apartment. He then returned and fired at the deceased, who was lying on the floor. The suspect then left.

4 years later and this man's murder is still not resolved. Police are asking anyone with information to step forward.

Man Shot in Scarborough

A man was shot around 1am Friday morning and was found in front of a building located at 400 McCowan Ave. He had been hit once in the chest but is expected to survive. No information has been given on what may have motivated the shooting nor are there any suspects.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Shots Fired at Westwood Mall

UPDATE:A man arrived at a nearby hospital with a non life-threatening gunshot wound. Police have since confirmed he was hit at the Westwood Mall and believe he was the target.

Bullets flew at Westwood Mall located in Malton today and shoppers scurried for safety as the popping sound went off. Gunfire shattered a glass door entrance and there are bullet holes in some of the steel plates, but it doesn't appear that anyone was hurt. A few men got into an altercation in the mall this morning and a boy allegedly pulled out a firearm.

Back in August, a young man was shot in his leg in this same mall. The suspect in this case is described only as a black male wearing:

-A brown basketball jersey with perhaps a lighter shirt underneath
-Dark possibly green pants
-Black and white running shoes

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Homicide #6-Jahmell Grant

UPDATE: The victim has been identified as Jahmell Grant, 26.

The city's 6th murder of the year took place at 1764 Weston Rd. this morning around 8am. The two men and a woman were attacked in a brazen early morning shooting. One of the men was rushed to St. Michael's Hospital, but succumbed to his injuries Sunday afternoon. Another victim drove to the Humber River Regional Hospital in a black BMW, which police seized for evidence. Police have ruled out any connection to the earlier shooting at Tandridge Cres.

Shooting in West End

Last night bullets flew on Tandridge Cres. in the Weston Rd. and Albion area and a man was shot several times in his abdomen. There are four suspects being sought however police only have a vague description of one suspect. The suspect is male and has brown complexion. They allegedly took off in a black Nissan Maxima. The victim is expected to survive.