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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Homicide #5-Basil Bryan

Toronto Police continue to have their hands full as there is another homicide on their hands and another black man lost to a bullet.

Basil Bryan (pictured)was shot to death this past Tuesday and police have no clue as to why this may have happened or whether or not Basil was the intended target. Basil was walking with a friend when a man came up behind and just started shooting.
An auto dealership managed to get the entire ordeal on tape and are appealing to the public for their assistance in solving this horrific crime. The shooter cowardly shoots Basil from behinds, tries to shoot his friend and then turns the gun once again on Basil.

The friend that was walking with Basil narrowly avoided being struck by a bullet that fatally wounded his friend earlier this week and is co-operating with authorities, but hasn't illuminated a motive for the killing or led police to a suspect. He says he has no idea who did this.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the police with whatever information you may have.

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