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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sasha Bailey Murder Trial

Sasha Bailey lost his life during the year of the gun in 2005. Sasha Bailey, 22, was shot to death on May 8 following an argument with several men outside a pizza shop on Danforth Ave.

3 suspects were eventually arrested for his murder and today the Crown dropped first-degree murder charges against Waheb Almaktari, saying they couldn't prove he knew his brother, who is accused in the murder, had a gun.

Despite that decision, Sasha Bailey's mom did leave court feeling that some justice was served.
Rutal Hankey, 25, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, and was sentenced to 8 years. The trial for the alleged shooter, Walid Almaktari, 25, begins in April.

Subway Shooting Suspect Named

UPDATE: Accompanied by his lawyer, Curt John surrendered to 31 Division just after 11pm Sunday February 1. On Monday February 2 he was denied bail. THANK GOD!

Police have now named a suspect in last week's Osgoode subway shooting. Police are looking for 21 year old Curt John. Police have pretty much determined that Curt is a menace to society and needs to be off the streets. John is wanted in connection with several criminal matters:

-Warrant for arrest on attempted murder and several firearms charges have been issued in connection with the Jan. 22 incident at Osgood station
-Warrant for arrest on a charge of being an accessory after the fact to a July 26, 2008 homicide in 32 Division
-Warrant for arrest on charges relating to a pistol-whipping and vehicle theft that occurred on Wednesday

The victim in the subway shooting is said to know of Curt John and an argument on the subway line is what sparked the shooting.
Investigators believe Curt also allowed his cousin to use his I.D. after his relative was allegedly involved in the murder of 20-year-old Dominic Shearer-Hanomansingh (picture left) during the Jamaica Day festivities on July 26, 2008. "The allegations against Curt John with respect to that homicide relate to allowing Jimmy John to use his name to obtain some medical care as well as disposing of evidence," confirmed Det. Sgt. Brian Borg.

Police are asking for the public's assistance with getting this man off the street.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shooting at Tonic Nightclub

Last night or this morning at 2am, party-goers were in for a shock as bullets started to fly in the Tonic club. A 20-year-old man with gunshot wounds in his left arm and thigh was found along with a 21-year-old woman with an injury that was caused by flying shrapnel.

Everyone else escaped unharmed. Officers are still looking for suspects.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Drive-By Shooting on 401

So the bulls**t continues as a shooting erupted on the 401 near Dixon. The incident occurred Thursday night and according to investigators a silver-coloured SUV was driving on the highway at about 10pm when one of the people inside pointed a gun at another vehicle and opened fire.

A Honda civic was the target, the driver of this car swerved into a guardrail and brought the car to a stop. Two people inside was injured by glass. Another vehicle was reportedly struck by the shots, but none of the people inside were hit.

Police state the occupants of the Honda civic are not cooperating.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shooting at Subway

Passengers ran frantically as shots rang out at Osgoode subway this morning as workers and students tried to get to their destinations today. Graphic photos of the victim was released to the media as pictured but thankfully he is fine.
The victim, believed to be 19, was found on the platform, bleeding heavily from two gunshot wounds - one to the leg, and one to the abdomen. The gunfire was reportedly sparked by a confrontation involving a group of young males, but only one gun was believed to be used in the incident.
Police have released the following photo of a suspect and area appealing for information.

Homicide #5-Basil Bryan

Toronto Police continue to have their hands full as there is another homicide on their hands and another black man lost to a bullet.

Basil Bryan (pictured)was shot to death this past Tuesday and police have no clue as to why this may have happened or whether or not Basil was the intended target. Basil was walking with a friend when a man came up behind and just started shooting.
An auto dealership managed to get the entire ordeal on tape and are appealing to the public for their assistance in solving this horrific crime. The shooter cowardly shoots Basil from behinds, tries to shoot his friend and then turns the gun once again on Basil.

The friend that was walking with Basil narrowly avoided being struck by a bullet that fatally wounded his friend earlier this week and is co-operating with authorities, but hasn't illuminated a motive for the killing or led police to a suspect. He says he has no idea who did this.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the police with whatever information you may have.

See Video Here

Homicide #4-Kevin Boateng

On January 16, 2009, Kevin Boateng was found suffering from stab wounds to his body in the Davenport and Miller Rd. area. He was taken to the hospital but pronounced dead. Investigators say the teen was well known to police and they are still not sure where exactly the stabbing occurred and have no suspects.

Kevin Boateng is the the first black victim of violence this year in 2009. Only 18 years old and already as we can see this year is not off to a good start.

Arrest Made in Murder of Julian Hinckson

On June 5, 2007, the body of Julian Hinckson (picture) was found in the Finch and Leslie area with stab wounds to the body. This year, Police released a composite sketch of the suspect only know as Fugee. The sketch is based on new witness information, police said, noting that Fugee was seen in the area of the attack.
On Saturday January 10, 2009 Robert Sproule turned himself in connection with the slaying and Bruce Lewis, 33, also surrendered. Police are still looking for Fugee (pictured below). Anyone with information is asked to contact the police.

70 Homicides for 2008

Sorry for the long delay in adding a new story. I was away of course I'm my yearly vacation but as we start 2009 I hope to see less shootings, less violence, and young teens, especially young black teens becoming more productive.

As I type this, it saddens me as I've already seen 2 black men killed this year so far which I will be reporting on shortly and a few wanted for robbery or murder but again this can stop so parents, talk to your kids, friends, uplift those that you chill with everyday and 2009 can be prosperous.

Last year was a hectic year, all together 70 people were murder. Below lists the victim, R.I.P to the following:

- Jan. 1: Stefanie Rengel, 14, Denvale Rd.-Northdale Blvd. According to a police source, the city's first murder victim of '08 was ordered stabbed in the stomach by a 17-year-old boy out of "jealousy" from his 15-year-old girlfriend.
- Jan. 12: John O'Keefe, 42, Yonge and Bloor Sts. The father of a nine-year-old boy is hit by a stray bullet late at night as he walks toward the subway just outside the Brass Rail strip club.
- Jan. 17: Hou Chang Mao, 47, Gerrard St.-Broadview Ave. No arrests have yet been made in the killing of Hou, who was gunned down while stocking fruit outside the Fu Yao Supermarket.
-Jan. 24: Shawn McLean, 22, Jane St.-Wilson Ave. Found in front of a church with no pulse, paramedics revive McLean -- who was shot in the neck -- yet he dies in hospital two days later with his mother by his bedside.
- Feb. 1: Tyler Roulston, 18, and Adrian McFarlane, 19, Brimley Rd.-Eglinton Ave. E. A gun-and-knife fight at a highrise complex leaves two men dead and one critically injured. Autopsies confirm Roulston was shot to death and McFarlane died of stab wounds.
- Feb. 17: Tristan Wright, 23, Neilson and Finch Aves. Police believe dozens of witnesses saw the unsolved killing of Wright, who was shot several times in the head outside a weekend house party in Scarborough.
- Feb. 23: Jonathan Rodrigues, 21, Lawrence Ave. E.-Markham Rd. Police said Rodrigues was answering the door of a friend's east-end bungalow when several men started a confrontation and shot him dead.
- Feb. 23: Xin Lei Huang, 40-days-old, Queen-Bathurst Sts. Cops charge the newborn's 38-year-old mother with second-degree murder, but it is later dropped when her confession is deemed unreliable in court and no definitive cause of death is found.
- Feb. 25: Edyta Lewandowski, 32, Danforth Ave.-Main St. Picking up her two-year-old, Lewandowski is shot in the head near the door of her estranged husband's Morton Rd. home. Three months later, the man is charged with first-degree murder.
- Feb. 28: Felicia Hosany, 51, Wilson Heights Blvd.-Sheppard Ave. W. Hosany dies of suffocation inside her flower shop when burglars completely wrap her head in duct tape. Police said the murder was likely a robbery gone awry.
- March 14: Abdikarim Ahmed Abdikarim, 18, Lawrence Ave. W.-Allen Rd. Cameras catch the entire murder of the son of a former Somali soccer star, who was gunned down when a man approached his group of friends and opened fire, wounding five others in the shootout.
- March 18: Ranjdida Khairi, Dundas St. W.-The West Mall. A 60-year-old man was arrested at the bloody murder scene of a mother of five grown children. Reports suggest her throat had been slashed.
- March 18: Sasha Haroutiun, 35, Dundas St. E.-Carlaw Ave. After being shot in the stomach, Haroutiun crawls back into his apartment to call 911, but dies shortly after arriving at St. Michael's Hospital.
- April 17: Joseph Samai, 29, Dupont St.-Lansdowne Ave. Following 28 murder-free days in the city, Samai is stabbed repeatedly in the upper torso with a hunting knife. He dies later in hospital.
- April 24: Ricardo Erik Kelly, 22, Markham Rd.-Eglinton Ave. E. A highrise fight breaks out just after midnight and Kelly is fatally stabbed in the hallway outside his 20th-floor apartment.
- April 30: Ronald Koci, 47, Keele St.-Junction Rd. A roominghouse tenant was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Koci, who is knifed to death just before midnight.
- May 4: Mahamed Adbi Warsame, 16, Markham Rd.-Eglinton Ave. E. Just 10 days after another man is fatally stabbed in the same building, Warsame, a Grade 11 student, is beaten to death inside the complex's ninth-story stairwell.
- May 17: No name released, 70, and no name released, 46, Don Mills Rd.-Eglinton Ave. E. After finding three bodies in a house destroyed by a North York fire, police conclude a grisly double murder-suicide has taken place. Before dying of smoke inhalation, cops allege a 41-year-old man stabbed his wife through the heart and then strangled her mother. The names of the three were not released to protect the identity of a three-year-old child, left orphaned by the crime.
- May 28: Tina Picoulas, 19, Rexdale Blvd.-Hwy. 27. Found dead in a room at the Comfort Hotel, the teenaged stripper's death is initially ruled accidental. Months later, on Aug. 27, the Coroner's Office finds the Niagara Falls girl was murdered.
- May 28: Shammal Ramsay, 19, Sewells Rd.-McLevin Ave. Witnesses said they saw Ramsay walking down the street with his killer as if everything was normal before the gunman stepped in front of the teen, turned and riddled him with bullets.
- May 28: Levis Taylor, 17, Kennedy Rd.-Sheppard Ave. E. In hysterics near the crime scene of a gunned-down teen, Carol Taylor calls her son's cellphone in hopes the boy dead on the pavement is not hers. When the phone rings, she faints and is hospitalized before having to ID the body.
- May 30: O'Neil Dockery, 35, Victoria Park and Eglinton Aves. E. The father of a baby girl was shot in the head after an argument with his killer, just inside the back door of his East York townhouse.
- June 13: Dylan Ellis and Oliver Martin, both 25, Richmond and Bathurst Sts. Sitting in a parked SUV after watching the NBA Finals at a friend's house, the longtime pals from Rosedale are shot dead when an unknown gunman walked up to their vehicle and opened fire, seemingly at random.
- June 15: Claudio Andres Alamos, 19, Jane St.-St. Clair Ave. W. Eating a pizza slice around 1:30 a.m., Alamos is shot in the neck while sitting on a steel barrier outside a 2-4-1 Pizza store.
- June 22: Ruth Hall, 89, Danforth and Victoria Park Aves. Initially ruled the result of a medical condition, an autopsy determined the great-grandmother died of a head injury at an east-end nursing home.
- June 23: Donald Cuthbertson, 74, Danforth and St. Clair Aves. A retired cab driver, Cuthbertson is killed by blunt force trauma to the head after the patio door to his apartment was forced open. His 40-year-old son, who also lived in the unit, was charged with the murder.
- July 9: Justin Brunet, 21, Victoria Park and Lawrence Aves. Shot several times, Brunet is left for dead by up to seven males seen fleeing the scene. Amidst rumours of retaliation, the prime suspect in Brunet's murder is shot in the head at close range weeks later.
- July 14: William Magill, 64, Yonge St. and St. Clair Ave. The beloved interior designer was stabbed several times following an argument after opening his apartment door to a pair of young men late at night.
- July 17: Shazad Khawaja, 17, Finch and Victoria Park Aves. Having been called by someone just before he was shot dead, Khawaja's father, Waheed, said at the time he believed his son was set up by a gang that controls his Mornelle Ct. apartment complex.
- July 19: Michael Watson, 28, Sheppard Ave. E. and Kingston Rd. Watson is felled by a gunshot to the head while at The Inner Circle, a restaurant-nightclub at the Abbey Lanes Shopping Centre in Scarborough.
- July 20: Adrian Inglis Bannerman, 29, Aaron Brendan Macdonald, 20, and Kurt Atiba, 27, Kipling and Evans Aves. The first of two triple murders this year, the three young men are shot dead while sitting in an SUV by at least two gunmen. Homicide cops said the victims, who were at the Fluid Lounge downtown earlier that night, were followed and ambushed.
- July 26: Devon Wynter, 40, Jane St.-Hwy. 401. Gunfire erupted at a dance inside the Disciples Revival Church that left Wynter dead and another wounded. Police said more than 200 bystanders were nearby when the gunman opened fire.
- July 26: Dominic Shearer-Hanomansingh, 20, Eglinton Ave. W.-Keele St. Shot in the head at close range by a suspect wearing a bandana. Many speculate Shearer-Hanomansingh's death was in retaliation to Justin Brunet's July 9 murder -- one police concluded the 20-year-old was responsible for.
- Aug. 2: Carolyn Connolly, 54, Sherbourne and Shuter Sts. Stabbed several times in a downtown alley, the fatal stab wound pierced the heart of Connolly, who was left sprawled on the ground.
- Aug. 3: Katelynn Sampson, 7, Queen St. W.-Lansdowne Ave. In a story that dominated headlines, Sampson is found beaten to death inside a Parkdale apartment, allegedly by her legal guardians. Mourners who attended her open-casket visitation days later said the little girl had been "brutalized."
- Aug. 3: Andre Paquet, 45, Dundas Ave.-Kingston Rd. Paquet is stabbed to death at an east-end lowrise apartment complex. Police arrest a suspect days later during a fight at a local bar.
- Aug. 10: Ryan St. Christopher Rowe-Reid, 20, McCowan Rd.-Sheppard Ave. E. A gunfight in a Scarborough apartment complex parking lot left the 20-year-old dead, another man wounded and a third on the run.
- Aug. 24: Evan Andrew Rouse, 22, Sheppard Ave. W.-Bathurst St. Rouse is found shot to death on a North York bike path behind the Bathurst Jewish Community Centre. "We have no sense of what Evan was doing there," cops said at the time.
- Aug. 27: Caxtons Kyeremeh, 19, Markham Rd.-Finch Ave. E. Kyeremeh is found dead of gunshot wounds on Bon Echo Dr. in Scarborough.
- Aug. 27: Andre Pelliccione, 42, Lakeshore Blvd.-Cherry St. Cops believe Pelliccione, who was savagely beaten and dumped in an industrial-sized recycling bin, may have been killed up to five days before his body was found.
- Aug. 28: Tahmina Yeasmin, 23, Spadina Ave.-Dundas St. W. Pending her autopsy results, it wasn't determined until Nov. 18 that Yeasmin had been strangled. An arrest warrant was issued for a 23-year-old man, who was picked up in London, Ont. a day later.
- Sept. 2: Yuan "Tracy" Tian, 31, Bayview and Sheppard Aves. Tian is found in her North York apartment, bound and dead from multiple stab wounds. Cops don't rule out the possibility of a random attack.
- Sept. 8: Stephen Barton, 18, Eglinton Ave. W.-Glenhaven St. Standing by a bus stop waiting for the TTC, Barton is shot twice in broad daylight just steps from Gramma's Place Childcare.
- Sept. 8: Haleema "Nadia" Kasana, 21, Finch Ave.-Weston Rd. Less than a week after a 31-year-old was bound and stabbed to death, Kasana is found with multiple stab wounds inside her North York apartment.
- Sept. 10: Dayne Rose, 29, Hwy. 401-Keele St. According to witnesses, Rose tried to jump out of his car along the traffic-congested highway, but was pulled back in by a gunman and shot to death.
- Sept. 16: William Junior Appiah, 18, Jane St.-Finch Ave. W. Cops said Appiah, a reputed drug dealer, was shot down on a basketball court just across from the Driftwood Community Centre.
- Sept. 16: Daniel Boakye, 19, Sheppard Ave. E.-Kennedy Rd. After a fight with two men, Boakye is stabbed to death outside his Scarborough apartment building.
- Sept. 22: Darnell Grant, 31, Jane St.-Finch Ave. W. The father of a four-year-old daughter, Grant is gunned down by two men on Driftwood Ct., less than a week after an 18-year-old was killed in the same neighbourhood.
- Oct. 3: Boris Cikovic, 17, Royal York Rd.-Eglinton Ave. W. With a group of friends, Cikovic is approached by three or four gunmen who demand he give up his backpack. He was then shot dead trying to get it back, his parents said later.
- Oct. 7: Chi Ngu Ngo, 47, Hwy. 27-Major Mackenzie Dr. Remains of the North York father of three are found in Vaughan, the victim of "foul play," police said. Cops are forced to identify the man by his fingerprints.
- Oct. 9: Burrell Bennett, 26, Wilson Ave.-Jane St. Bennett, a father of a three-year-old girl who was not known to police, was shot in the parking lot of the Sheridan Mall in North York. Bennett dies two days later in hospital.
- Oct. 11: George Ngo, 22, Bathurst St.-Queens Quay. Ngo is killed along with Colman Leung, also 22, when their minivan is driven at high speeds into Lake Ontario. Ngo, a passenger in the van, dies trying to swim to shore in what police rule an apparent murder-suicide.
- Oct. 13: Susan John, 43, and Saramma Varughese, 65, Meadowvale Rd.-Sheppard Ave. E. Varughese was allegedly being raped by her 31-year-old neighbour when John, her daughter, ran in to help her. After a violent struggle, both women are stabbed to death.
- Oct. 14: Andre Moore, 27, Eglinton Ave. E.-Markham Rd. Moore, who police said shot and wounded a cop in 2001, is blasted in the head by a gunman inside a blue Honda Civic.
- Oct. 25: Bailey Zaveda, 23, Leslie and Queen Sts. Just out for a cigarette at the Duke of York Tavern in Leslieville, Zaveda is a bystander in gunfire that takes her life and wounds five others.
- Oct. 26: Gary Anthony Mitchell, 31, Sheppard Ave. W.-Bathurst St. Mitchell was found shot to death inside his 2006 Infiniti by a North York neighbour out walking her dog.
- Nov. 19: Richard Delong, 38, Wanda Delong, 64, and Elizabeth Tompkins, 44, Markham and Ellesmere Rds. A grisly domestic violence case that rocked a Scarborough neighbourhood, autopsies confirmed Keith Delong killed his wife, son and daughter with a knife before shooting himself dead. The bodies were discovered by Elizabeth's common-law husband, James Tompkins, who found a note tacked to the Welwyn Ave. home's front door saying, "Do not enter. Call police."
- Nov. 23: Miksa "Max" Fischer, 83, Rathburn Rd.-The West Mall. The elderly man was found beaten in the west-end home he shared with his wife, Carmen. His son, David, was charged with manslaughter.
- Nov. 26: Youssef Faad, 22, Victoria Park and Lawrence Aves. Toronto cops believe the young man was ambushed as he arrived home to his family's Scarborough highrise, where he was shot after a confrontation with two men.
- Dec. 3: Richard Clements, 72, 10th St.-Lakeshore Blvd. A "nice ... lovely man," neighbours said, Clements was found stabbed in his west-end apartment around lunch time.
- Dec. 6: Zdenka Praljak, 53, Keele St.-Eglinton Ave. W. Police answered a 911 call from the victim's mother to find Praljak dead from a stab wound to the chest. Her husband, Mladen, was charged with her murder and held under police guard in hospital with "self-inflicted injuries to his arms," cops said.
- Dec. 25: Kurt Gonsalves, 49, Birchmount Rd.-Eglinton Ave. E. A night of heavy drinking ended in a murder when one of three friends allegedly snapped, beat his friend to death and stomped a second man who tried to stop the assault.