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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jane and Finch Chant Against Police Brutality

Jane and Finch gathered in front of 31 division this evening to try and put a end to the police brutality that is going on in their community. A community worker claims there's been this rise in levels of incidences and in terms of the alleged brutality.

Some people get their face put on hot police cars, my friend just got dragged by the handcuffs," charges a protester named Wondas. They chanted quietly and the police continue to state they investigate cases of police brutality thoroughly (yeah right). Hopefully this community can get what they're looking for but personally these police won't stop because who gonna stop them? Not their superiors, Why? because they're cops too. Cops will always protect cops.

Many of these young men that are beat up by cops don't even report it, so what's the point. I know many people, including my ex-boyfriend who was beat up by cops and in the end nothing was done. We just need to start walking with our cameras.