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Monday, November 24, 2008

Couple of Shootings Again

A gunman opened fire in the Don Mills and Eglinton area last night during and attempted robbery. Several bullets hit neighbouring homes and even riddled a tenants fridge with bullets. Police say they got a call to the housing complex around 1:30am Sunday. There, they found several shell casings on the ground, but no gunman.
Amazingly, no one was hurt.

While police dealt with that shooting at the top of North York, another shooting occurred in Driftwood Court which is located in the Jane/Finch area. An 18 year old was shot in his eye but will make it through. As usual, police have no suspects.

Shootout in Downtown Core

Hungry club-goers were ducking for cover as a shootout occurred at Dundas and University this past Saturday bight or shall we say Sunday morning around 4am. The shooting occurred right around Hong-Shing and Swatow’s restaurant at 4am in the morning where downtown club-goers usually go for Chinese food. A man had been shot in his leg and managed to bring himself to St. Michael’s hospital. Police say it appears two groups were shooting at each other. Police are still trying to piece together what happened and are looking for the taxi driver who took the injured man to the hospital.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Arrest Made in Murder of Ricardo Kelly

Police have arrested someone in the murder of Ricardo Erik Kelly who was the 15th murder victim of 2008. Just after midnight on April 24, police went to 25 Cougar Ct., where they found Ricardo Erik Kelly in a stairwell of the apartment building. He had been stabbed. Adrian McCracken, 23, of Toronto has been charged with the following:

Second-degree murder
Unauthorized possession of a firearm
Carrying a concealed weapon
Possession of marijuana
Three counts of failure to comply with a recognizance
Failure to comply with probation

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unresolved Murder: Brandon Archibald-Sterling

On Saturday October 22, Brandon Archibald-Sterling was gunned down and died later on in hospital. Brandon was approached from behind by a slow moving van where the occupant opened fire. He died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Police were looking for a dark blue minivan, possible a Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth, approximately two years old, with tinted windows, which left the scene after the shooting.

To this day police has still made no arrests in the case and Brandon’s family have no closure as of yet. If you have any details on the shooting of Brandon Archibald-Sterling, please contact police.

CW Jeffrey’s in the News Again

A 17 year old has turned himself in in regards to the following incident. The teen has been charged with aggravated assault.

I feel sorry for whoever is the superintendent for this school as the
bad press this school continues to get seems like it’ll never go away.

Daniel Anderson, a student in the school suffered serious stab wounds in the school cafeteria but the 16-year-old won't tell anyone who did it. The incident occurred this past Tuesday. School officials at C.W. Jeffery's called police at 12:48 p.m. but the teen left school property in a cab and called police from his home on Sheppard Ave. W.

He was rushed to Sunnybrook hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Investigators have located the taxi the boy travelled in and are speaking to the driver, police say. Police know that they are looking for two suspects but will have to rely on Video Footage as the victim will not say anything regarding the incident.

It’s surprising that seeing that Jordan Manners was killed in this school and seeing the allegations of sexual abuse by a girl, this school still does not have police guarding the school. Guess they’ll have to revisit this option.

Four Men Shot in West-End

Four men were shot in the West-end this past weekend as they were conversating with each other in front of a building located at 121 Humber Blvd. The building which is located in the Weston Rd. and Black Creek area had blood all over as the wounded victims were aching in pain.

Two of the victims had severe injuries and the other two had non-life-threatening injuries. All four are now in stable condition. The four victims were in a group of six outside the building when two men wearing dark clothing approached them.

This area is the same area where Shamari Belnavis was killed in an execution-style shooting three years ago.

School Shooting

Police arrested a teen on November 6 and he faces 10 charges in connection with a shooting in the parking lot of an east-end public school.

A man in his 20s was found shot at Warden Avenue Junior Public School last Tuesday. A group of men supposedly got into an argument and a shot was fired. A witness says she heard one of the suspects yell: "You better not call the cops," before fleeing. He must of been psychic to know that his victim wouldn't die from the shot he let off.

The victim remains in critical condition at St. Michael's. Police say the shooter may have fired a Desert Eagle handgun – a large, gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol made in Israel. Where are these boys getting these top of the line guns?

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