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Thursday, October 9, 2008

18 Year Old Charged in Latest Murder

Police have arrested 18 year old Nahoor Araya and charged him with second-degree murder. Araya is charged in the slaying of Boris Cikovic, 17 years old who was killed for his backpack last week Friday in the Royal York and Eglinton area. Cikovic is the 53rd homicide victim this year.

His mother Vesna alleges they demanded his backpack, but her son wouldn't give it up. Boris's parents moved from Sarajevo 15 years ago with their son to provide him with a better and safer life but the country they thought was safe proved otherwise.

Boris may have used a stun gun on his attackers for self defense. But his assailant pulled out a real gun, and shot him once in the stomach. Boris died later that night in hospital.

Another young black man in the system over foolishness. Let this be a lesson black people, this young boy's alleged murderer has been caught less than a week after the shooting and you know why, because his friends advised the police who did this to their friend. Half these murders can be solved if black people step up and get this bad guys off the streets.