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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Violent Night in Peel Region

Peel which was once considered a safe city is now turning into a violent city as three men lost their lives last night in the peel region.

The first shooting took place at a house party where three people were shot in Malton. One person died at the scene and the two others were wounded. Police have a description of who they are looking for. A South Asian male, 5'8", in his mid 20s, wearing a black jacket with a round collar.
The second incident occurred one hour later in Mississauga where two men were stabbed. Once unfortunately died in the hospital from the stab wounds.

The last shooting took place at the Sugar Island Bar in Mississauga. The man was shot in his stomach and succumbed to his injuries. Initial reports from police indicated that three men left the scene heading west in a silver vehicle.