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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Unresolved Murders - Harry Asare

He has been shot once before, taking four bullets but pulling through. God clearly wasn't ready for him to come home. The shooters failed but unfortunately it didn't end there. Two months later, his killers came back and God brought him home this time. Harry Asare was shot and killed as he left a friend's apartment which was located on the same floor that he lived with his mother.

His killers entered his friend's apartment and while they kept shooting at Harry, there were about four or to six people who fled out of the apartment while Harry suffered from five gunshot wounds. Harry in terrible pain crawled out into the hallway where his life faded away. Supposedly killed over a robbery that he was involved in.
Harry died on Friday October 15, 2004. As the anniversary of his death is near, the killers still remain on the street, the friends that know who did this have made no calls to the authorities and hope continues to fade as no one has been arrested.

Flo G who is was friend to Harry sent an email to me requesting this information be added to my this site because this person needs your help along with his family. If you know anything about the murder of Harry Asare, please contact the police.