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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Live By the Gun, Die by the Gun

This past Jamaica Day, Dominic Shearer-Hanomansingh (left) was shot to death becoming Canada's 37th homicide as he passed out flyers at the celebration. Reports indicate he was shot because he didn't want to give over his chain. Jimmy Jason John of Toronto was arrested and charged with his murder.

Police have now released details that Dominic was the killer of someone 17 days before his death. Supposedly Dominic shot and killed 21 year Justin Brunet, Toronto's 29th murder victim of 2008. Police aren't releasing details on how they've come to this conclusion but they are certain Dominic is the killer of Justin.

This is very sad because here we have two families affected by death and in the end there's no closure. There is no one to speak for both these men but here we have two young men gone, and for what. It just sucks that Dominic's family now has to deal with the fact that someone they loved more than anything probably took a life and Justin's family will never know why their son, brother, or friend was killed because his supposed killer has now met his fate.

Police has now completely closed the investigation into Justin's death. Or can we say just decided to close the case without fully investigating? We'll never know.