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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Case Closed: Jean Springer

It was a sad day on January 1, 2007. The first murder of 2007 was a church going woman that did nothing to deserve to lose her life the way she did. Jean opened the door to a man she knew, a man that was friend to her son and he said to her "Happy New Year" and cold-bloodly shot her in her head. Jean died right on the spot.

Altaf Ibrahim, 26, responsible for shooting and charged with the murder of Mrs. Springer was found not criminally responsible for the attack today because he's a diagnosed schizophrenic. He believed Springer's son Anton had raped and tortured his mother and went looking for revenge. Though this was far from the case, one psychiatrist testified the killing was a psychotic "tit for tat."

An agreed statement of facts acknowledges that Ibrahim had not taken his medication for several weeks before the shooting. He will not go to jail but will remain in custody until December, when another hearing will be held.

This is a very sad ending to this case.