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Saturday, October 25, 2008

...And the Shootings Continue along with a Stabbing

Again the senseless cowardliness of people in Toronto continues to be apparent. There no longer is concern for people that have nothing to do with your beef, it's just shoot and whoever is in the way, hopefully you don't get hit.

Last night or better yet early Saturday morning, a young woman (I'm assuming white) was killed by a stray bullet, the news reports it as another Jane Creba. The shooter was involved in an altercation and then came back and just started shooting. This woman is now the 60th murder victim of 2006. Her killer is described as a white man. Now lets watch how the news handles this murder over the next few days as her killer is a white man. I bet it would be different if a black man did it. Overall this is sad but we will continue to see the difference in how murders are treated amongst black and white.
Another shooting occurred at Bathurst but no one died. A man was just shot 4 times in his legs. The guns reportedly came out during a fight between two groups of men and cops say at least 10 shots were fired. The victim is okay and expected to pull through.
A young man was taken to hospital with a knife still in his shoulder, police say - but he's refusing to tell officers how it got there. The 20-year-old was found around 12:40am Saturday on in Scarborough.