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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Homicide #49-Dayne Rose

The victim is the bizarre highway shooting that occurred this past Tuesday has been identified as Dayne Rose, 29. Dayne was shot in what now has been identified as his car while on the highway. Police are now speculating that he may have attempted to jump out of the car to escape the gunman who shot him several times in the chest.

A man and woman have been questioned regarding the incident but were let go without being charged. The car happened to be registered to the home where they lived. The woman originally questioned was actually a close friend of Dayne's and registered the Lexus which belonged to him in her name to the home in Mississauga where she stayed for a while. (stupid move, WOMEN, do not register cars for men in your name, not even your own son)

Police still have no motive or details leading up to the murder of this man. Police cleared out a few boxes in his Eglinton apartment yesterday and are working the case to see who could have done this to him. It's disgusting to know that people like this exist in society and hopefully they find this man's killer(s) and get them off the street.