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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bendale Shooting Update

The real target for the shooting at the Bendale has come forward. The boy who attends Bendale stated that several boys came up to him to rob him and he got into a scuffle with the men. The 16-year-old was sitting on a bench in a park area behind the campus just before the noon hour when four teens came up to him.

"Four guys came up to us asking if we have any weed," he told CityNews in an exclusive TV interview. "And I said 'no' ... And then he showed me the gun ... And then I just tackled him to the ground." The teen decided his best defence was a risky offence and he began battling with his attacker for the firearm. His stuff went on the ground," he remembers. "And he shot off two times and then he asked his friend for help ... And then the guy came and kicked me in the back. "I was on the ground and I was scuffling with him and ... we were just rolling around and he just busted a shot and I guess one of them hit ... my schoolmate."
Police confirm they've arrested two suspects in the case - and that one of them is the young man wounded in the shooting and Mark Deicsics 18 years old.
Citynews spoke with the 16 year old victims mother who is upset and doesn't feel her son should have been charged. Why? I'm sure the young man that was robbed knows who robbed him and knows who was involved, why would he purposely tell the police that he was robbed by the boy that was shot. Parents need to realize, yeah your son is the perfect son at home but there is the slight possibility that he or she is out there robbing people, beating up people or even murdering people. As a parent myself, I too believe my child is a good kid but I got a call that other day he was involved in a fight which was shocking as he's a good kid like all of us parents say. Parents need to realize, teens are at a age right now where they usually follow the wrong crowd, I was at that stage at one point. Be angry that you're not getting answers but don't say your son wasn't involved, you can't swear for no one, even your own child.