Rest in Peace - Photos Used are Only to Pay Respect to those no longer with us

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Couple of Shootings This Past Weekend

There were a couple of shootings that rocked Toronto this past weekend but thankfully no one was hurt. Both incidents happened in the Kipling and Finch area.
In the first incident a teenage girl was shot, while she was sleeping. The 17-year old is expected to be alright.

A short time later, further north on Kipling, shots rang out at a house party.
Police say a 21-year old man was shot in the leg and wrist and an 18-year old was grazed by a bullet. both are expected to recover.

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Bendale Suspect Surrenders

The 16 year old wanted in the Bendale shooting a couple of weeks ago has turned himself in. The 16 year old who can no longer be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The 16 year old who was the 3rd suspect in this whole ordeal turned himself into police yesterday. The suspect now faces eight charges including robbery while armed, careless use of a firearm, aggravated assault and failure to comply with recognizance.

Omar Wellington Trial Update

One of the six youths charged with first-degree murder in the 2006 death of 17-year-old Omar Wellington(pictured) in Flemingdon Park has been committed to stand trial on the original charge. The judge also decided four young men will stand trial on the reduced second-degree murder charge.
He discharged a sixth youth who hugged fellow accused before he was let out of the prisoner's box into the arms of joyful family members.

Wellington was stripped and beaten for hours in plain view near Flemingdon Park, but no one called police before he was eventually stabbed to death. Dozens of witnesses watched as a youths stomped and stripped the teen to his boxer shorts, according to previous reports.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Three Shootings Across the City

Toronto Police are busy Thursday investigating a spree of three shootings across the city, with three people being injured. Several gunshots were fired at Jane Street and Woolner Avenue at about 4 p.m. and police have found shell casings near a bus stop.

Then, a victim was injured after gunshots were fired near Eglinton Avenue and Keele Street. The victim is reported to have suffered minor injuries. Police believe this shooting is linked to the Jane and Woolner incident. A car may have been involved with reports of a drive-by shooting.

Meanwhile, police are looking for suspects after a shooting at a Bleeker Street basketball court, near Sherbourne Street at 4:30 p.m. A shooting victim has walked into an area hospital at about 5:30 p.m. There is no word yet on the man's condition. Reports say a second victim from this shooting also walked into a hospital with injuries.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Homicide #52 - Darnell Grant

UPDATE: The victim has been identified as Darnell Grant. He was living with his father in the area and his father has yet to be notified as he is currently in Jamaica.

So as we continue to lose our black brothers by the bullet, it saddens me as I continue to report at least once a week on a new victim. Police responded to a shooting in Driftwood Crt around 9:15 last night and found a victim believed to be in his 30s with no vital signs. I was informed by a family friend that the victim goes by the nickname "Stone". Police confirm he died from a gunshot wound to the torso.
The suspects got out of a white van and began shooting with no regard for who was around the area at the time. Teenagers sat chilling with their friends at their front doors and found themselves ducking for cover as the suspects reenacted a scene out of the movie.
The good part to this story is that police have arrested two people but are still looking for a third suspect following the city's latest murder. Jermaine Gager, 18, and Corey Smelie, 20, both of Toronto, are each charged with Second Degree Murder and numerous firearm-related offences.

A white van was spotted leaving the scene just after the shooting, and police found a vehicle matching that description on the side of the Highway 400 southbound lanes not long after. That discovery led to two arrests.

Were burying our brothers weekly and it's not getting any better.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Arrest Made in Murder of Paramprit Dhinsa

Police have arrested a suspect in the murder of Paramprit DHINSA (pictured) and the boy arrested is only 17 YEARS OLD. This honestly makes me a mad. What in the world is going on with these children. What in the world could be going on with these kids that they feel the need to kill, rob and even carry a weapon.

During the initial stages of this investigation, officers uncovered an unreported armed robbery that was committed by the youth suspect shortly before the murder. As a result, the suspect is also charged in connection with that robbery. Police continue to search for the second suspect in this case.

Shooting at Jane & Eglinton

Sunday night there was a shooting at Jane and Eglinton that left one man lying on the ground. Reports suggest five or six shots were fired on Jane between Eglinton and St. Clair.

The suspect is described as:
Dreadlocked hair

What is sad about this whole thing is these guys will continue to war with each other till they all kill one another because this victim knows who shot him and now will attempt to go and shoot this guy and the circle will continue on and on. When will it stop?

Man Shot in Scarborough

A wounded man ran to the closest help he could find after being shot in the east end Saturday night.

Reports suggest the shots were fired just after 10pm near Kennedy and Ellesmere.

The victim, who then stumbled into a gas station, was rushed to hospital, but there's no word yet on his condition.
The suspects are described as:

6', 165 lbs.,
He was wearing blue jeans and a white hooded sweatshirt with horizontal stripes
He is possibly bald or has very short, dark brown hair,
He wears an earring in his left ear

17 to 18-years-old,
He was wearing a white T-shirt and black jeans

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shooting at Jane & Finch

A young man was shot today in the groin in the Jane and Finch area, behind Driftwood to be exact, around the 10pm hour. The victim is in his twenties and is expected to fully recover.

No information about suspects has been released in the second case.

Shortly after, two men showed up at the Finch branch of Humber River Regional Hospital with gunshot wounds. Police say they suffered minor injuries and are not co-operating with the investigation. There were also reports of shots fired at a 21-year-old man on Jane St., just south of Black Creek Dr. around 11 p.m. Friday. Police are looking for one suspect, and add that victim is also not co-operating.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Shooting at Keele/Sheppard

Police continue to have their hands full as they investigate yet another shooting. This time the shooting has occured in the Keele and Sheppard area. EMS personnel confirm a man was shot in the face. The victim, believed to be in his late teens, was found on the sidewalk and was conscious and breathing when paramedics transported him to the ER. But he may have suffered life threatening injuries.

Witnesses saw three young people running from the scene and put their ages as old as 17 - and as young as just 13. One is white, the other two are black. And suprisingly, the gunman is said to have blonde hair and was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt, that's a first.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homicide #51 - Daniel Boakye

While Tuesday was a horrendous day, it unfortunately claimed the life of another black male. A 18 year old man was stabbed in the Kennedy and Sheppard area around the dinner hour. The victim was involved in an altercation with two men and during the altercation he was stabbed. Police have no leads but are reviewing tapes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bendale Shooting Update

The real target for the shooting at the Bendale has come forward. The boy who attends Bendale stated that several boys came up to him to rob him and he got into a scuffle with the men. The 16-year-old was sitting on a bench in a park area behind the campus just before the noon hour when four teens came up to him.

"Four guys came up to us asking if we have any weed," he told CityNews in an exclusive TV interview. "And I said 'no' ... And then he showed me the gun ... And then I just tackled him to the ground." The teen decided his best defence was a risky offence and he began battling with his attacker for the firearm. His stuff went on the ground," he remembers. "And he shot off two times and then he asked his friend for help ... And then the guy came and kicked me in the back. "I was on the ground and I was scuffling with him and ... we were just rolling around and he just busted a shot and I guess one of them hit ... my schoolmate."
Police confirm they've arrested two suspects in the case - and that one of them is the young man wounded in the shooting and Mark Deicsics 18 years old.
Citynews spoke with the 16 year old victims mother who is upset and doesn't feel her son should have been charged. Why? I'm sure the young man that was robbed knows who robbed him and knows who was involved, why would he purposely tell the police that he was robbed by the boy that was shot. Parents need to realize, yeah your son is the perfect son at home but there is the slight possibility that he or she is out there robbing people, beating up people or even murdering people. As a parent myself, I too believe my child is a good kid but I got a call that other day he was involved in a fight which was shocking as he's a good kid like all of us parents say. Parents need to realize, teens are at a age right now where they usually follow the wrong crowd, I was at that stage at one point. Be angry that you're not getting answers but don't say your son wasn't involved, you can't swear for no one, even your own child.

Homicide #50 - William Junior Appiah

William Junior Appiah aka Junior aka Yoshie was only 18 years old. Killed on a basketball court within the Jane & Finch vicinity. Appiah was born in the Jane Finch area, but had recently moved to Brampton. He still attended a local high school within the area.

The suspects are described as three young black males, all in their late teens. At least two of them were wearing hooded sweatshirts. They supposedly in a small japanese vehicle. This shooting occurs on one of the deadliest days in the GTA.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Peel Homicide #20 - Paramprit Dhinsa

UPDATE: Victim has been identified as Paramprit DHINSA, police are looking for two suspects:

1/ Male Black, described as 18-21 years old, approximately 5’7”, with a medium build, short black hair, and clean shaven. He was last seen wearing light blue jeans, a dark blue t-shirt, and wearing black Timberland shoes.

2/ Male Black, described as 14-18 years old, approximately 5’7”, with a medium build and a shaved head. He was last seen wearing dark blue jeans and a dark shirt with a yellow patch on the front.

Two men are being sought after a young man was shot dead this afternoon in Mississauga.
Peel Police are revealing few details about the region's 19th murder of the year.

But a police source said two men walked up to a car parked outside an address on Reindeer Dr. in the Malton area of the city and fired at least one shot through the driver's side window.
The brazen daylight attack occurred just before 4 p.m.

The dead man, believed to be in his mid-20s, was parked in front of the residence while his girlfriend visited a friend at the address, a police source said.
The assailants are believed to have fled on foot.

Shooting on the Jane Strip....Once Again

This has to be like my 5th story on a shooting occuring on the Jane line. Police continue to have their hands full while they investigate a shooting that occurred on at Jane and Finch around 5pm. The incident reportedly took place on a basketball court. Two men were shot and police state that one individual had life threatning injuries. More to come on this story.

.....And the School Shootings Begin

A 16 year old boy was shot today at school. The shooting occurred just before noon today. Bendale which is located in the Midland and Lawrence area went on lockdown for several hours as police scouted the area for suspects. Parents rushed frantically to the school worried it may be their child that was shot.

The teen was reportedly discovered near the pool inside the building bleeding from at least one gunshot wound to the chest. His injuries are life threatening and he remains in critical condition. The incident took place in a large green space behind the parking lot at the school and the victim may have staggered back inside.
The gunman and at least two others ran off. Police are sure they didn't go back inside but they don't know if the shooter was also a Bendale student.

An early description suggests the suspect is
Dark skinned
He was wearing a cloth hat and a back pack.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Man Stabbed in Scarborough

On Wednesday a man was stabbed several times at Scarborough Golf Club and Lawrence. The victim was rushed to Sunnybrook and his injuries are not considered life-threatening. It is believed the incident resulted from a business deal gone wrong.

Police are looking for a black male, 17 to 20-years-old, five foot six with a slim build, thin beard, and dreadlocks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Homicide #49-Dayne Rose

The victim is the bizarre highway shooting that occurred this past Tuesday has been identified as Dayne Rose, 29. Dayne was shot in what now has been identified as his car while on the highway. Police are now speculating that he may have attempted to jump out of the car to escape the gunman who shot him several times in the chest.

A man and woman have been questioned regarding the incident but were let go without being charged. The car happened to be registered to the home where they lived. The woman originally questioned was actually a close friend of Dayne's and registered the Lexus which belonged to him in her name to the home in Mississauga where she stayed for a while. (stupid move, WOMEN, do not register cars for men in your name, not even your own son)

Police still have no motive or details leading up to the murder of this man. Police cleared out a few boxes in his Eglinton apartment yesterday and are working the case to see who could have done this to him. It's disgusting to know that people like this exist in society and hopefully they find this man's killer(s) and get them off the street.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Boy Shot in Jane and Finch

With 4 Shootings in the last 24 hours, police have their hands full. This latest incident happened Tuesday night at 40 Turf Grassway in the Jane and Finch area. Reports suggest a victim in his early 20s was shot in the leg sometime after 7:30pm. His injuries aren't life threatening and he's been sent to hospital. We still don't know what sparked this latest violence or whether police have a suspect.
But police have stated that the victim is uncooperative.

Man Murdered and Dumped on the Highway

UPDATE: A woman has been arrested in the following case. Police had said that the suspect was a female, and that she exited off the 401 at the Keele exit. Police still don't know if she is a suspect or someone who may have useful information.

So I'm on my home from work and there is all this chaos on the highway. Police are speeding to something and after turning to CP24, of course there was something big. A man had been shot to death and dumped on to the highway. Police found the car that he may have been shot in and are currently looking for a female suspect. More details to come...

Homicide #47-Stephen Barton

UPDATE: Damion Sinclair, 18 has been arrested for the following murder. Witnesses actually came forward and provided police with details in regards to the suspect.

Stephen Barton, 18 was shot to death this past Monday while he stood at a bus stop. Police responded to the shooting in the Keele and Eglinton area. Five schools had to be shut down as police searched for the triggerman. The police have no clues as of yet but a description of the suspect has been given.

The suspect is described as:

-Black with a light complexion,
-Hair in corn rows.
-He's also believed to have been wearing a bright blue baggy shirt and dark baggy pants

Monday, September 1, 2008

Man Hit In Drive-by Shooting on the Jane Strip... AGAIN

A man believed to be in his late 20s was taken to hospital Monday afternoon after a drive-by shooting on Jane Street north of St. Clair.

Several rounds, reportedly up to 17, were fired from a car near 777 Jane St., around 3:30pm, apparently hitting the victim in the leg. Police are investigating if this shooting is related to Friday's shooting of 4 males in the Jane areas on Friday.