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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Homicide #43-Caxtons Kyeremeh

Police found 19 year old Caxtons Kyeremeh sprawled out on a front lawn in the Malvern area on Tuesday August 27. Cause of death, a gunshot wound to the head. Police did find a trail of blood near the scene, and it may suggest the victim ran in the direction of the home from the area around the nearby Malvern Town Centre shopping mall then made his way to someones front lawn. Investigators say it appears that Caxtons suffered serious trauma to several parts of his body before he died.

Kyeremeh has been described as well-known to police, regarding weapons, ammunition and drug-related offences. But what made me very concerned when I heard of this young man's death was the people living on the street where he was killed. Home owners stated to the police that they did hear the sound of gun shots but ignored it as they thought it was a firecracker. Not one call was made to police and who knows, this man's life could have been saved. Again it saddens me as I continue to type this blog as it's another black man gone.