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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Homicide #41 - Ryan St. Christopher Rowe-Reid

Unfortunately another young black man dead. I also hate these photos that they choose to post of these men, do we really need to see a mug shot everytime they post their pic.

This shooting took place this past weekend in Scarborough near McCowan and Sheppard. 2 men were shot but unfortunately one victim didn't make it. At first it was reported that it was a carjacking gone wrong but now police say that it looks as if the victim Ryan St. Christopher Rowe-Reid (pic) and the shooter were looking for one another and ready for a gunfight. When Ryan was located police SUPPOSEDLY found a gun on him. The other victim that was shot is in and out of surgery but expected to live. Police have not been able to properly question him.

The suspect is described as black and 6-feet tall. He was seen wearing a dark hoodie and black denim jeans. The suspect was last seen getting into a dark blue, older-model, mini-van, driving north on McCowan and east on Sheppard Avenue.