Rest in Peace - Photos Used are Only to Pay Respect to those no longer with us

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Man Shot in Vaughn

Shots rang out in the Vaughn area last night. When York Region Police arrived, they found a 26-year-old man screaming on Unity Cres. He had obvious bullet wounds and was quickly rushed to hospital, where he remains in stable condition. The suspect is described as:
-wearing a dark hoodie and blue jeans.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Shooting on Jane Strip

I think this is the 4th story I've posted about a shooting on the Jane Strip and the second time it's been in the same area. Four people were reportedly shot in the Jane and Lawrence area late Friday night - but they're not saying much else to police. The 4 victims were shot in their legs and were treated at the hospital for non threatening life injuries. ''

Jane was closed at Trethewey Dr. north to Harding as cops combed the parking lot for clues. It's been a difficult search as the wounded men aren't exactly forthcoming with information.
"They're uncooperative and so are a number of other people that were in the area."

Peel Homicide #19-Evan Popoola

Evan Popoola, only 15 years old was the latest homicide victim in the peel region last Friday found shot to death in the football field behind St. Jude Separate School on Nahani Way in Mississauga Friday evening around 6:30 p.m.

Peel police issued an arrest warrant and received special permission to release the name and photograph of the 15-year-old suspected with Popoola's death who they were able to arrest the same night. This is really sad as the last peel homicide victim was 16 years old. The victims are just getting younger and younger.

Homicide #43-Caxtons Kyeremeh

Police found 19 year old Caxtons Kyeremeh sprawled out on a front lawn in the Malvern area on Tuesday August 27. Cause of death, a gunshot wound to the head. Police did find a trail of blood near the scene, and it may suggest the victim ran in the direction of the home from the area around the nearby Malvern Town Centre shopping mall then made his way to someones front lawn. Investigators say it appears that Caxtons suffered serious trauma to several parts of his body before he died.

Kyeremeh has been described as well-known to police, regarding weapons, ammunition and drug-related offences. But what made me very concerned when I heard of this young man's death was the people living on the street where he was killed. Home owners stated to the police that they did hear the sound of gun shots but ignored it as they thought it was a firecracker. Not one call was made to police and who knows, this man's life could have been saved. Again it saddens me as I continue to type this blog as it's another black man gone.

Homicide #42 - Evan Andrew Rouse

Evan Rouse, 22 years old was found on August 24, 2008 around the 11:00 hour. A cyclist found his body on a pathway in the Bathurst and Sheppard area. Police have confirmed that he was shot in the early hours on August 24. Family states they don't understand why he was within the Bathurst and Sheppard area as he stayed more in the downtown core. Cops have no clues or suspect in Evan's murder but state that they are working on some theories.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reward Offered in Murder of Michael George

It has been a little over a year that Michael George was shot in his car in front of his girlsfriends house in the Morningside and Finch area. Police are nowhere close to finding the killer of Micheal, a quiet young man who took pride in his music. In order to bring witnesses forward, they have offered $50,000 to hopefully catch a killer.

"You'll never get closure, you know. I hear that in the news all the time. People say well, 'I want closure. I want closure.' I'll never get closure to my son dying, never," Scherry George says, calmly but firmly.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Homicide #41 - Ryan St. Christopher Rowe-Reid

Unfortunately another young black man dead. I also hate these photos that they choose to post of these men, do we really need to see a mug shot everytime they post their pic.

This shooting took place this past weekend in Scarborough near McCowan and Sheppard. 2 men were shot but unfortunately one victim didn't make it. At first it was reported that it was a carjacking gone wrong but now police say that it looks as if the victim Ryan St. Christopher Rowe-Reid (pic) and the shooter were looking for one another and ready for a gunfight. When Ryan was located police SUPPOSEDLY found a gun on him. The other victim that was shot is in and out of surgery but expected to live. Police have not been able to properly question him.

The suspect is described as black and 6-feet tall. He was seen wearing a dark hoodie and black denim jeans. The suspect was last seen getting into a dark blue, older-model, mini-van, driving north on McCowan and east on Sheppard Avenue.

Peel Homicide #17 - Alex Masih

A 16 year old was found shot to death near Kennedy and Williams Pkwy this past weekend. The victim has been identified as Alex Masih. He was riding his bike in the townhouse complex. In the area he was found residents complained of a group of teens who hang around the complex's convenience store and recreation centre, some openly dealing drugs and drinking.

Police have no solid leads in the case. As I see the murders climb, it just seems as if the victims get younger and younger. Sadly Brampton now is becoming like the GTA. People move to these areas to get away from crime and clearly nowhere is safe.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Another Shooting on Jane Strip

When I hear so many shootings occurring in the same vicinity, it can only be one thing, beef amongst a group of individuals and it looks as if it won't stop until they kill each other. One guy shoots one guy and the friends of that guy that got shot goes and shoot the person that shot their friend etc.

Shots rang out in the Jane and Tretheway area, south of Lawrence Ave. West a little before 10pm last night, sending what police believe is a man in his 20s to hospital.
The victim was reportedly hit in the back and was listed in serious condition at the time of admission.