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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Homicide #36-Devon "Yogi" Wynter

UPDATE: The victim has been identified as Devon Wynter, 40 of Toronto. Officers believe that Wynter and another man got into an argument at the dance. Someone pulled out a handgun and shot Wynter several times in the chest.

It just goes to show that a killer has no heart and shootings of course can occur anywhere, even in the house of the Lord. A shooting occurred last night at Disciples Revival Hall near Jane and Falstaff around 2:30am Saturday morning. The church was rented out for a big dance not a church function as I originally thought.

Police arrived and found one man without vital signs. He was rushed to Sunnybrook, but it was too late. He was pronounced dead in hospital. a second victim was shot in the leg or buttocks, the third in the stomach. Both of those men ere taken to St Michael's hospital.

The homicide count is steadily increasing. Toronto is now at homicide #36. I will shortly tally up how many of those victims are black individuals.