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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Murder Charge Reinstated for Youth

A 17 year old boy that was ordered by a judge to be charged for manslaughter in the death of Jane Creba will now have to face a second-degree murder charge.

That decision was overturned Monday by the Court of Appeal, which declared the suspect, known only as J.S.R., must face a second-degree murder charge. The accused also faces six attempted murder charges in relation to the shocking shooting.

Jeremiah Valentine, 26 years of age was the only individual to stand trial for second degree murder for the death of Jane Creba. This ruling has prompted officials to re-assess the charges against other suspects, including Louis Woodcock and Tyshaun Barnett, both 21, who both had their original murder charges reduced to manslaughter.

Four other men - Andrew Smith, 22, Vincent Davis, 27, Shaun Thompson, 23, and Andre Thompson, 24 - are also facing manslaughter charges in connection to this case.

I was actually unaware that something like this can be done in the court system. Overall, I just don't understand why this case is still ongoing and why the trial hasn't even started. With the constant changes and the constant confusion regarding who to charge, I can guarantee you this case will be thrown out as evidence is slowly deteriorating as these prosecutors, defenders, judges and cops won't even remember what to do or how fight this case. I mean this girl was killed in 2005 and they still don't know who to charge with what.