Rest in Peace - Photos Used are Only to Pay Respect to those no longer with us

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Homicide #33, #34, #35-Kurt Atiba Charles, Adrian Inglis Bannerman, Aaron Brendan MacDonald

UPDATE: The man that drove the 3 deceased individuals to the location was actually a victim and not the killer of these men. The driver I'm assuming parked the SUV and ran off but got in contact with the police on Sunday and provided them with a few details. The shooting occured as they were driving on a ramp off or on the highway and further details to come. As of July 24, Police have been able to locate the crime scene where these three men were shot. The discovery of several shell casings and bullets led them to Kipling Avenue, just south of the QEW.

It of course continues to sadden me when I have to type about more people being killed and again 3 young men where killed last night in the West end and left in an SUV to die like they aren't people. The three victims have been identified as Adrian Inglis Bannerman, 29-Aaron Brendan MacDonald, 20 and Kurt Atiba Charles, 27. They were found on Lunness Rd. and it appears they were shot somewhere else and driven to the location where they were found. I can't imagine someone killed these men and with his heartless self had the ability to drive the 3 dead victims elsewhere.

As word got out of Sunday's homicide, people who identified themselves as relatives of the victims arrived in Etobicoke. A man screaming, "My brother, my brother," raced past the yellow tape and onto the crime scene. The man was stopped by three police officers and restrained on the ground.As officers held him down, he continued to shout. "I do know who they are, I do sir, I do!" Two women who had followed him onto the scene were led out by other emergency crews. One woman, who appeared to be wearing her pajamas and also appeared quite agitated, yelled as she was escorted out. "Tell me something," she shouted, waving her arms. "How do you expect us to react?"

This is quite disturbing to know something like this has happened, worse that people like this exist in Toronto. I'm honestly scared more and more everyday. I think this will be a summer where I will stay home just a bit more to stay safe, but then again sometimes we're not even safe in our own home with people shooting through doors and all.