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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Homicide #32 - Michael Watson

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Watson was the intended target in the shooting that took place at the Inner Circle club last Friday. Police continue to question individuals on who may have wanted Watson dead. Police have gotten camera images of suspects in the shooting of Mr. Waston. See pic below.

Another shooing in the Scarborough vicinity has left another black man dead and another mother crying. The Toronto resident was shot inside an east-end club called Inner Circle on Friday night.

Watson was shot once in his head and pronounced dead at the scene. This is the 3rd homicide in one week and police have not arrested anyone for any of these shootings in the east end. Allegedly, a private birthday party was being held at the nightspot at the time; however, it was also open to the public.

Police aren't sure if Watson (pictured) was the target of the shooting or whether the gunfire inside the establishment was random or intended for someone else. A single bullet hit and killed the young Toronto resident, though the cause of death won't be officially known until the results of a post-mortem are revealed.