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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Homicide ##31-Shazad Khawaja

A few steps from where Andre Williams was shot and paralyzed, Shazad Khawaja, a 17 year old possibly of Indian descent was gunned down and only a few steps from where Andre Williams lay a few days later. Khawaja was out running an errand for his mom and it has been said he may have been lured to his death possibly killed by his own friends or his friends witnessed who killed him.
Khawaja may have had details on the shooting of Andre and it looks like the shooter may have wanted to eliminate any possible ties. Again this is all speculation and it just leaves me to wonder when will it end. Residents continue to greet the cops with anger but fail to realize there is some guy out there, most likely young, shooting people in a neighbourhood that harbours young people who like running outside and being kids. I hope this ends soon.