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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Beautiful Letter from the Mother of Justin Brunet

Hello ,I wanted to first introduce myself .My name is Shirley Brunet .I'm the mother of Justin Brunet .I wanted to thank you for having him on this site .Where those who knew him could comment.I never thought that i would be sitting here looking at a web page that would include my son .Justin .Justin brought joy to all the lives that he touched ..Justin wasn't a thug or a gangster ..Justin had sisters and brother whom he loved and would do anything for ..He had a love for life always had joy in his eyes when he looked at his son ..He loved his family and always did his best to make sure everyone was good ..I as his mother loved him more then anything in this world he was my first son and we where close he always new that he could call and say Hi mom what ya cook ...Justin was and will always be a part of his family and friends lives ..His crime will not go unsoloved i will fight with everything i have to find out who took away what didn't belong to them.These worthless souls that i hope are haunted by what they have done ..My son has now went to a place where he will soar with the eagles and sleep with the angels.And until we meet again i will fight Justin to make sure all you loved and who you where will not be forgotten ...Thank You once again for having Justin on your site ..Young Black en are always just forgotten when crimes hit them ....