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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Police Close to Identifying Suspect in Shooting of Devon Wynter

Police have been workign diligently to solve the murder of Devon Wynter and might be closer than ever. Witnesses in the church shooting are being very co-operative as this was not any kind of gang related shooting.

The party that took place on the Friday night was attended by many black older professionals. A number of people can identify the person and are more than willing to identify the person responsible for this shooting.

Police are now just looking for a name. The suspect is described as:

Light complexion
Dreadlocks, or plaits,
Wearing a beige workwear outfit, often referred to as a 'Dickie' suit, but it may not have been that name brand
Tattoo on his neck.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Homicide #37 - Dominic Shearer-Hanomansingh

UPDATE #2- On Thursday, August 7, 2008, at 10:42 p.m., Jimmy Jason John, 19, of Toronto was arrested. He has been charged with Second Degree Murder.

UPDATE: I take blame for how this article was written as a facebook page called "STOP DEM RUMORSZ BOUT SUM1 GOT SHOT AT JAMAICA DAY.IT WAS 2 STREETS DOWN!" was recently created. The Admin expressed her anger with the fact that this shooting is being affiliated with Jamaica Day. I can see where she's coming from and her anger and frustration regarding this as personally myself as a Jamaican would not want Jamaica Day to get a bad wrap and the media does tend to twist stories and unfortunately I too twisted this story from reading what the media had to say. So the correction is that Dominic was not shot at the Jamaica Day event but rather it outside the gates in a different location which was supposedly two streets down. I was under the impression he handed out flyers at the exit but supposedly it's a different story.

The shooting that took place at Jamaica Day this weekend took the live of Dominic Shearer-Hanomansingh on Tuesday, three days later. Dominic attended Jamaica Day in order to pass out flyers to people leaving the JA day event.

The victim, only 20 years old had been shot in the face and cops also believe the suspect in his murder may have been stabbed.

A fight began with the victim over his chain and it looks as if the victim did not want to give it up. But the heartless suspect left a big clue. He dropped his baseball hat (pictured) and guess what, since watching CSI and Law & Order I know the suspect will be identified shortly as there's something called DNA.
The suspect is described as:
Wearing a short sleeved black T-shirt, possibly a black and red hooded sweatshirt, dark blue jeans
Black bandanna with metallic designs in either gold or silver

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Shooting

Another shooting took place last night in the Weston Rd. area. A man confronted the victim and then shot him in the leg. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatning injuries.
The suspect is described as black, 5'10"−6'0". He was last seen wearing a white T−shirt. With all these shootings, we can officially say this will be "Summer of the Gun".

Sunday, July 27, 2008

R.I.P Ephraim Brown

Ephraim was gunned down last year on July 22, 2007. Only 11 years old when he took a bullet. He was sitting on a fence when he was caught in the crossfire of rival gangs in the Jane and Sheppard area. He died in hospital from a gunshot wound to the throat.

Today family and friends gathered to remember such a beautiful boy. Akiel Eubank, 21, and Gregory Sappleton, 21, have each been charged with first degree murder. Lorna Brown, Ephraim's mom wants to spread the word about her son's untimely death, appealing to others to stop committing violent acts. Still, she thinks legislation is the only way to stop crimes like this from happening again.

2 More Shootings Last Night

Last night around 11:30pm, as everyone was inside enjoying Jamaica Day, a 20-year-old victim was shot in the face on outside of the park, he was conscious and breathing when emergency crews arrived on scene. He was rushed to Sunnybrook Hospital where he remains in serious condition. The suspect may have been stabbed before fleeing in a nearby parked vehicle.

Later, just a few kilometres away another man took several bullets to his leg and hand around Jane and Tretheway. The victim, 25, was taken to hospital with non−life−threatening injuries.
The suspect is described as black, 25, driving a gold Honda.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

First Degree Murder Charge Laid in Mornelle Ct. Shooting

Cordio Williams, 25 of Toronto has been charged in the shooting death of Shazad Khawaja (pictured) who was shot to death in Scarborough just over a week ago.

His shooting came after his friend Andre was was shot and left paralyzed a few days earlier from a shooting in the same Mornelle Court complex.
I wonder if this is the same individual who shot his friend Andre.

Homicide #36-Devon "Yogi" Wynter

UPDATE: The victim has been identified as Devon Wynter, 40 of Toronto. Officers believe that Wynter and another man got into an argument at the dance. Someone pulled out a handgun and shot Wynter several times in the chest.

It just goes to show that a killer has no heart and shootings of course can occur anywhere, even in the house of the Lord. A shooting occurred last night at Disciples Revival Hall near Jane and Falstaff around 2:30am Saturday morning. The church was rented out for a big dance not a church function as I originally thought.

Police arrived and found one man without vital signs. He was rushed to Sunnybrook, but it was too late. He was pronounced dead in hospital. a second victim was shot in the leg or buttocks, the third in the stomach. Both of those men ere taken to St Michael's hospital.

The homicide count is steadily increasing. Toronto is now at homicide #36. I will shortly tally up how many of those victims are black individuals.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jonathan Chambers Murder Update

Last year December I did a story on Jonathan Chambers ( Well recently police have arrested five individuals in his murder and his mother will not have a tiny bit of peace. I didn't realize an arrest was made until recently. The following video shows how the arrest went down and you can also see pics of some of the suspects arrested.

The arrests of these individuals were made in May 2008. Jonathan was kidnapped last year in Brampton and driven to a remote area on the 4th Line of Oro-Medonte where he was shot and killed, police said. One of the people charged in his death happens to be a close family friend.

Charged for his murder are Tafari Williams, 28, Terrance Walker, 27, Gregory Millar, 31, Andrew Turner, 30, Lenworth Anthony Spence, 28, of no fixed address is wanted for first-degree murder. Robert Henry, 30, of Brampton is was wanted for conspiracy to kidnap and has turned himself in

Thugs Shoot Up Highrise

On Monday, July 21, 2008, at 8:20 p.m., an 18−year−old man was assaulted by two men in
the lobby of an apartment building on Islington Avenue.

It is reported that the victim was chased into the southside hallway on the ground floor, one of the suspects was armed with a semi−automatic handgun and citizens came to the aid of the victim. One of the suspects discharged several gunshots towards the victim and the intervening citizens.

On Thursday, July 24, 2008, police released security camera images of the two suspects, I was only able to copy one of the suspects photos and again I'm disappointed to see that's it seems to be young black men. Where the hell do these guys get their guns from? It seems as if everyone has a gun.

Shots Fired at Jordan Manners Mom, Wanted Man Identified

Loreen Small and her two daughters were shot at as they sat outside their Shoreham residence last week. Supposedly one of the young men wanted to talk to her daughter but her daughter ignored his advances and shot at them as they sat relaxing in front of their door. Loreen Small is the mother of Jordan Manners who was gunned down last year in his high school. She continues to be an activist in her community.

Cameron Richards, who was wanted for threatening the women turned himself in Tuesday night. Police issued an arrest warrant for Jesse Lloyd Callander, 23 (pictured).
Another case of senseless violence, I don't know what these young boys like about jail, it can't be that fun.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Homicide #33, #34, #35-Kurt Atiba Charles, Adrian Inglis Bannerman, Aaron Brendan MacDonald

UPDATE: The man that drove the 3 deceased individuals to the location was actually a victim and not the killer of these men. The driver I'm assuming parked the SUV and ran off but got in contact with the police on Sunday and provided them with a few details. The shooting occured as they were driving on a ramp off or on the highway and further details to come. As of July 24, Police have been able to locate the crime scene where these three men were shot. The discovery of several shell casings and bullets led them to Kipling Avenue, just south of the QEW.

It of course continues to sadden me when I have to type about more people being killed and again 3 young men where killed last night in the West end and left in an SUV to die like they aren't people. The three victims have been identified as Adrian Inglis Bannerman, 29-Aaron Brendan MacDonald, 20 and Kurt Atiba Charles, 27. They were found on Lunness Rd. and it appears they were shot somewhere else and driven to the location where they were found. I can't imagine someone killed these men and with his heartless self had the ability to drive the 3 dead victims elsewhere.

As word got out of Sunday's homicide, people who identified themselves as relatives of the victims arrived in Etobicoke. A man screaming, "My brother, my brother," raced past the yellow tape and onto the crime scene. The man was stopped by three police officers and restrained on the ground.As officers held him down, he continued to shout. "I do know who they are, I do sir, I do!" Two women who had followed him onto the scene were led out by other emergency crews. One woman, who appeared to be wearing her pajamas and also appeared quite agitated, yelled as she was escorted out. "Tell me something," she shouted, waving her arms. "How do you expect us to react?"

This is quite disturbing to know something like this has happened, worse that people like this exist in Toronto. I'm honestly scared more and more everyday. I think this will be a summer where I will stay home just a bit more to stay safe, but then again sometimes we're not even safe in our own home with people shooting through doors and all.

Homicide #32 - Michael Watson

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Watson was the intended target in the shooting that took place at the Inner Circle club last Friday. Police continue to question individuals on who may have wanted Watson dead. Police have gotten camera images of suspects in the shooting of Mr. Waston. See pic below.

Another shooing in the Scarborough vicinity has left another black man dead and another mother crying. The Toronto resident was shot inside an east-end club called Inner Circle on Friday night.

Watson was shot once in his head and pronounced dead at the scene. This is the 3rd homicide in one week and police have not arrested anyone for any of these shootings in the east end. Allegedly, a private birthday party was being held at the nightspot at the time; however, it was also open to the public.

Police aren't sure if Watson (pictured) was the target of the shooting or whether the gunfire inside the establishment was random or intended for someone else. A single bullet hit and killed the young Toronto resident, though the cause of death won't be officially known until the results of a post-mortem are revealed.

Homicide ##31-Shazad Khawaja

A few steps from where Andre Williams was shot and paralyzed, Shazad Khawaja, a 17 year old possibly of Indian descent was gunned down and only a few steps from where Andre Williams lay a few days later. Khawaja was out running an errand for his mom and it has been said he may have been lured to his death possibly killed by his own friends or his friends witnessed who killed him.
Khawaja may have had details on the shooting of Andre and it looks like the shooter may have wanted to eliminate any possible ties. Again this is all speculation and it just leaves me to wonder when will it end. Residents continue to greet the cops with anger but fail to realize there is some guy out there, most likely young, shooting people in a neighbourhood that harbours young people who like running outside and being kids. I hope this ends soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Beautiful Letter from the Mother of Justin Brunet

Hello ,I wanted to first introduce myself .My name is Shirley Brunet .I'm the mother of Justin Brunet .I wanted to thank you for having him on this site .Where those who knew him could comment.I never thought that i would be sitting here looking at a web page that would include my son .Justin .Justin brought joy to all the lives that he touched ..Justin wasn't a thug or a gangster ..Justin had sisters and brother whom he loved and would do anything for ..He had a love for life always had joy in his eyes when he looked at his son ..He loved his family and always did his best to make sure everyone was good ..I as his mother loved him more then anything in this world he was my first son and we where close he always new that he could call and say Hi mom what ya cook ...Justin was and will always be a part of his family and friends lives ..His crime will not go unsoloved i will fight with everything i have to find out who took away what didn't belong to them.These worthless souls that i hope are haunted by what they have done ..My son has now went to a place where he will soar with the eagles and sleep with the angels.And until we meet again i will fight Justin to make sure all you loved and who you where will not be forgotten ...Thank You once again for having Justin on your site ..Young Black en are always just forgotten when crimes hit them ....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Running Gun Battle Injures One

I don't know why this dumb gun-toting fools think that they can reenact movies and not potentially hurt someone.

The shots rang out around 12:30am Monday in a parking lot at Queen's Quay West and York Street after a white affair boat cruise had just finished. The 28-year-old victim was hit while he was sitting in a vehicle, police said. He's expected to make a full recovery.
The gunmen were arguing with each other earlier, I bet you it was a dumb argument too like "Why are you looking at me, that's disrespect'. I can guarantee it was something that small.

A onlooker watched from his 30th floor balcony as one suspect was running up the grass along the west side of the parking lot and he was kind of squatting down behind the cars as he was running and he was taking shots. I see this scene in movies all the time.

No suspects have been taken in and with everyone being in all white, that makes it even more difficult. Another black function shot up, am I surprised? not the least.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Shooting in Scarborough

UPDATE: The young victim is named Andre Williams and it has been reported that he will be paralyzed from the neck down.

A couple of months ago, the poll question was which area do you think is highest in crime and most votes were for Scarborough and boy, the votes were not wrong at all. Scarborough has continuously made headlines this year in the shootings that are currently taking place.

Another shooting took place in Mornelle Court last night and unfortunately it happens to be a young boy that is best friends with my brother. Another young black man in Sunnybrook fighting for his life. The 21 year old victim was shot several times and is in critical condition.
Once police arrived to the scene, they were greeted by angry residents that continuously feel that the police can do nothing to help them or stop the crime that continues to plague the Mornelle Court area.
I don't know what he did to deserve this and I can't swear for him and say he's the perfect young man but all I can do is hope and pray he is given a second chance on life to make changes and hopefully live to see his child grow.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Homicide #29-Justin Brunet

Justin Brunet, 21 (pictured) was gunned down in the east end yesterday as he was walking in a housing complex in the Victoria Park and Lawrence Ave. area. Investigators state that Brunet supposedly had survived being shot in the head in the past.
The young man was shot multiple times in his head and another man was also shot when gun fire erupted in the complex.

Witnesses reported seeing about 7 individuals running and a few of them jumping into a black Nissan. Justin had just been dropped off into the area by a friend and was killed a few minutes later. The friend stated all Justin did was ensure he could provide for his kids. He was a good kid, not into gangs or guns which is why the shooting comes as a shock to his family. It could have been just that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Police are still interviewing witnesses to get further details on the case.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Murder Charge Reinstated for Youth

A 17 year old boy that was ordered by a judge to be charged for manslaughter in the death of Jane Creba will now have to face a second-degree murder charge.

That decision was overturned Monday by the Court of Appeal, which declared the suspect, known only as J.S.R., must face a second-degree murder charge. The accused also faces six attempted murder charges in relation to the shocking shooting.

Jeremiah Valentine, 26 years of age was the only individual to stand trial for second degree murder for the death of Jane Creba. This ruling has prompted officials to re-assess the charges against other suspects, including Louis Woodcock and Tyshaun Barnett, both 21, who both had their original murder charges reduced to manslaughter.

Four other men - Andrew Smith, 22, Vincent Davis, 27, Shaun Thompson, 23, and Andre Thompson, 24 - are also facing manslaughter charges in connection to this case.

I was actually unaware that something like this can be done in the court system. Overall, I just don't understand why this case is still ongoing and why the trial hasn't even started. With the constant changes and the constant confusion regarding who to charge, I can guarantee you this case will be thrown out as evidence is slowly deteriorating as these prosecutors, defenders, judges and cops won't even remember what to do or how fight this case. I mean this girl was killed in 2005 and they still don't know who to charge with what.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Peel Homicides Canada Day Long Weekend

Peel is in the news again with another double shooting that took place this past Canada Day weekend within minutes and kilometres of one another.

The first shooting took place in Brampton around 11:30pm on Monday. Shots rang out and two men were shot, Glenford Asan Reid, 31, was pronounced dead at the scene while the other individual was taken to the hospital and treated. A young child was grazed by a bullet in this cowardly attack. The shooter is still on the loose.

About half an hour after Reid was murdered, shots rang out at an apartment building less than 20 kilometres away in Malton. Gunfire was heard in the apartment on Darcel Avenue just before midnight and officers discovered one man dead when they arrived. Orrin Marlon Earle, pictured above, was 28 years old when he was found in his third floor apartment.

Both homicides are the 13th and 14th for the peel region this year.