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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Toronto Rapper/Singer Jailed for 6 Years

Don't know if you all remember Mikey G but I must say he has a nice voice and definitely shined on a track with Toronto rapper Bishop called "About to Change". Youtube has the video up so you can look it up to see who Mikey G is, he's the one singing the hook.

Well unfortunately he made a big mistake and took someone's life and now will be in jail for the next 6 years to. Mikey G, was convicted of manslaughter in the stabbing death of 24-year-old Mohamed Hussein in November 2005.
Hussein was stabbed a total of nine times after initiating a fight with Gordon, who was dating his estranged wife, Kim Davis who is a Toronto singer and sings that beautiful song "Sometimes" that you hear Flow play every now and then. On the fateful day of his death, Hussein noticed that mother of his two children had tattooed Gordon's stage name on her neck and became enraged. Not long after, Gordon arrived and the two began fighting.

At one point Hussein retrieved a baseball bat, and Gordon pulled out a knife, fatally stabbing him.

You live and you learn. Unfortunately a life was lost and children are without their dads but it goes to show that sometimes walking away is better.