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Friday, June 6, 2008

Case Closed: Dwayne Lloyd

Several individuals have claimed their part in the May 2005 of Brampton teen Dwayne Lloyd. 17 year Dwayne Lloyd was gunned down while riding his bike down a pathway with a couple of friends.

Dwayne was shot in the chest in revenge for the theft of a bike, court heard. Two men, now 19 and 18, pleaded guilty today for their roles in the slaying of a 17-year-old Brampton teen more than three years ago. Instead of going to trial for manslaughter the young men pleaded guilty today to aggravated assault in a Brampton courtroom.

In an agreed statement of fact read into court by prosecutor Andrea Esson, the young men admitted they alerted the gunmen when Lloyd and his friends were on their way. Ojore Carrington, 31, of Mississauga, and Garfield Powell, 31, of Brampton are already serving six-year prison sentences after pleading guilty in February to manslaughter.

They were given 48-months time credit for time served. In admitting their guilt, neither Powell nor Carrington admitted they were the shooters. With today's guilty plea, the case is now closed, meaning nobody will ever be charged — or convicted of Lloyd's murder.