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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Men Wanted in Murder Investigation

UPDATE: Duane Gordon has surrendered.
A couple of months ago I posted a story on Jonathan Rodriques. His family and friends were upset because he is not a black man and they didn’t appreciate him being on this board as this board is mainly about black crime so out of respect I removed his information but I now post both men that are wanted in connection with his shooting as they are black males.

Although I shouldn’t post this considering how rude the comments were that was left by his family and friends, I post the information about these young men because unfortunately if they are in anyway involved with this crime they need to be off the streets.

Duane Gordon, 24 and Ron Williams, 21 both pictured above are wanted in connection with the shooting of Jonathan Rodrigues. Mohamed Ahmed Nakhuda, 36, was arrested and charged two months ago for this same murder.