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Friday, May 9, 2008

Another School Lockdown!! Student Stabbed

In the past year alone, within the city, including Brampton there had to be at least 10 school lockdowns in the past year. The violence in schools continue to erupt and it now goes to show that our children are no longer safe anywhere. School used to be a safe haven but now security has to secure the schools from the students that attend there.

Yesterday 16 year old Luke Thomas (pictured) was stabbed while he stood by his locker with his girlfriend by his side. He was stabbed in once in the stomach but thankfully he'll make it. And guess what he got stabbed for? A measly cell phone. I cannot even imagine anyone having to lose their life for a damn cell phone. Luke's brother reports that he got the cell phone about a month ago, no word on what type of phone it is but clearly it must be like an iPhone for someone to want to take this boys life for something so stupid and small.

Luke is a hardworking kid, doing two jobs to support himself and writing poetry and music lyrics in his spare time. Family describes him as a stand up kid who is never in trouble and not into violence. One person said commented on the school where Luke was stabbed, "It's a bad school(Eastern Commerce). A lot of gangster little punks go there."

Parents just stay on top of the news because lockdowns are now happening every month and unfortunately we now have something extra on our plate to worry about.