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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Homicide #20 - Levis Taylor

UPDATE: I received an email from someone that was close to Levis and was informed that he was actually on his way to pick up his girlfriend from her job at Walmart. In no way was he involved in a gunfight as stated below. His mother was already informed by his girlfriend that he had been shot when she made her way over to the Walmart.

With all the black youth being gunned down, I sometimes feel we will eventually become extinct. As they are getting younger and younger.

17 year old Levis Taylor (left) is the second young black victims life that was taken yesterday by gun violence in the Sheppard and Birchmount area. His body laid lifeless in the Agincourt Mall as police cordoned off the area. He was killed during a running gun fight.
What's even sadder is how he mom, Carol Taylor (pictured) discovered it was him. His mother went out to look for him as she saw he hadn't returned home, after seeing the police scene over at the mall she went over and saw a body lying there, at that point she called her son's cell phone and beside the body she could hear his cell phone ringing, it was then she realized it was her boy.

She made a statement which I must respect her for. She said "I remember him as the best son anyone can ever have. He gives trouble. Every boy gives trouble, but he's mine." In no way did she paint him a light that he was perfect.

Two suspects were seen fleeing the area following the shooting. Police say the men, wearing dark clothing, took off in a Honda.

My condolences to the family as they grieve.