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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Homicide #19-Shammal Ramsey

Police have identified the young 19 year old shot and killed bright and early yesterday morning. His name is Shammal Ramsey and he was shot repeatedly in the chest and died almost instantly. He died once his body arrived to Centenery. Ramsey was shot right across from Mother Teresa Secondary School at about 10:40am in the morning, forcing schools within the area to go on lockdown. Ramsey was not a student at the school.

Ramsey's mother discussed problems her son had after they had moved to the Malvern area. She stated that they moved from the Galloway area which Malvern is supposedly feuding with. Her son was constantly attacked and a firecracker was even blown up in his face as youth in Malvern continuously attacked him because he was from the enemies side. Shammal continued to keep contact with his Galloway buddies and that most likely is the reason he lost his life.

The gunman is still on the loose. He's described as:

Dark complexion,
Late teens to early 20s
5'7", 130 to 150 lbs., with a skinny build
He was wearing dark, baggy clothing, a red sweater with a white shirt.

Another young black man lost before his time, my condolences to his family.