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Friday, May 9, 2008

Finally some damn Justice!!

Where is this judge when people are getting only 3 years for killing someone? I remember this case and this guy like it happened yesterday. In the summer of 2006, 23 year old Quinn Borde (pictured) went on a shooting spree in the Regent Park area. First he shot a man in the arm in an apartment in the Regent area and when the ambulance and cops arrived the Quinn decided to turn his weapons on them. He managed to get away but did the right thing and turned himself in the next day.

Originally his plan was to kill the victim, Sedric Wade who only got a bullet in the arm and the police officer. In the end he was convicted on two counts of attempted murder. The judge condemned his actions and sentenced him to 25 years in prison. And imagine this man didn’t even kill anyone. The judge took into account all previous charges that Borde has, 18 crimes to be exact. Ironically, it was another case involving the career felon that led to an Ontario Court of Appeals ruling that black offenders can be given more lenient sentences because of systemic racism in the system and other background factors.

The man had no closing words and is now gone to serve his 25 years. The law looks like it’s changing. Don’t know if for better but this is a start. These men are getting off to easy and once their released they just re-offend. Might as well give them the time, 25 years later this man definitely should be changed. He can’t even appeal the case, it pretty much and open and shut case. Now what sucks is he will only spend about 12.5 years as you know all they have to do is spend half their time in jail.

He’s actually a pretty good looking guy too, such a shame.