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Friday, May 2, 2008

Peel Homicide

Peel is really on a role this year, murders are piling up in this region. By now everyone has heard about the stabbing that occurred in the peel region this week. Out of the blue a man walked up to a woman and stabbed her repeatedly and as her husband came to her aid he too was killed. The killer then stabbed himself in the neck but still remains critical in the hospital. Of course this whole situation is weird and has everyone shaking their head as the two people killed both of Afghanistan descent were not known to the suspect.

Dwayne Palmer, 28 is the individual in the hospital and police stand by his side as they wait to charge him with two counts of second degree murder. Dwayne is a black man and clearly something must have occurred to make him tick. His mother and family are baffled at how or why this even happened. Palmer was previously known to authorities and court documents confirm that at the time of the double stabbing, he was facing drugs and weapons charges related to a New Year's party at a Brampton home just one street away from his mother's residence. He wasn't out on bail as police first stated, but did have a promise to appear in court after being arrested at the party.

This is honestly a sad case and I really have no answer as to what would make someone go crazy this way. Considering if his family did not know of him being like this, the whole situation is just weird. I discussed this with my friends and all of them think he clearly was smoking and had his weed laced with drugs. We won't know for now but we'll see how this comes out in court. Dwayne has now been charged and in no way am I defending Dwayne for his actions as thought by a comment left on the board. It's just odd that a man out of the blue goes up to two people who he doesn't know and kills them. Clearly this is not normal behaviour.