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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Homicide #22 - O'Neil Dockery

UPDATE: Police arrested Tyrell Nathan Brown on June 2 for the murder of Dockery. Brown is only 20 years old and also happens to be the boyfriend of O'neil's 16 year old step-daughter. First off, don't know why a 20 year old is dating a 16 year old child, and I don't even want to bother thinking why this may have happened. God rest his soul.
Not only is this the third murder in just 3 days but it's the 3rd black victim that has been shot in 3 days in the city of Scarborough. I'm lost for words right now as summer has not even fully started, and it's not looking very good.

O'Neil Dockery (pictured) was shot last night in his home located in the Scarborough area Parma Court which is by Victoria Park and Eglinton.
As O'Neil was shot to death his family slept in the bedrooms in his home. Police say residents of Parma Court has not been co-operative in helping with the investigation. O'Neil's brother stated that he was in his house sleeping and did not believe his brother was dead until he saw the body.

This is very sad and I don't even know what but the fact that I'm just disappointed and scared.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Homicide #20 - Levis Taylor

UPDATE: I received an email from someone that was close to Levis and was informed that he was actually on his way to pick up his girlfriend from her job at Walmart. In no way was he involved in a gunfight as stated below. His mother was already informed by his girlfriend that he had been shot when she made her way over to the Walmart.

With all the black youth being gunned down, I sometimes feel we will eventually become extinct. As they are getting younger and younger.

17 year old Levis Taylor (left) is the second young black victims life that was taken yesterday by gun violence in the Sheppard and Birchmount area. His body laid lifeless in the Agincourt Mall as police cordoned off the area. He was killed during a running gun fight.
What's even sadder is how he mom, Carol Taylor (pictured) discovered it was him. His mother went out to look for him as she saw he hadn't returned home, after seeing the police scene over at the mall she went over and saw a body lying there, at that point she called her son's cell phone and beside the body she could hear his cell phone ringing, it was then she realized it was her boy.

She made a statement which I must respect her for. She said "I remember him as the best son anyone can ever have. He gives trouble. Every boy gives trouble, but he's mine." In no way did she paint him a light that he was perfect.

Two suspects were seen fleeing the area following the shooting. Police say the men, wearing dark clothing, took off in a Honda.

My condolences to the family as they grieve.

Homicide #19-Shammal Ramsey

Police have identified the young 19 year old shot and killed bright and early yesterday morning. His name is Shammal Ramsey and he was shot repeatedly in the chest and died almost instantly. He died once his body arrived to Centenery. Ramsey was shot right across from Mother Teresa Secondary School at about 10:40am in the morning, forcing schools within the area to go on lockdown. Ramsey was not a student at the school.

Ramsey's mother discussed problems her son had after they had moved to the Malvern area. She stated that they moved from the Galloway area which Malvern is supposedly feuding with. Her son was constantly attacked and a firecracker was even blown up in his face as youth in Malvern continuously attacked him because he was from the enemies side. Shammal continued to keep contact with his Galloway buddies and that most likely is the reason he lost his life.

The gunman is still on the loose. He's described as:

Dark complexion,
Late teens to early 20s
5'7", 130 to 150 lbs., with a skinny build
He was wearing dark, baggy clothing, a red sweater with a white shirt.

Another young black man lost before his time, my condolences to his family.

Friday, May 23, 2008

R.I.P. Jordan

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the death of Jordan Manners who was 15 when he was gunned down in a place children supposedly should be safe in, at school. The school was awash in tributes, tears and even a tree as relatives and friends returned to the scene of the tragedy to mourn, remember and vow it will never happen again. Sunday would have been his 16th birthday.
Students unveiled a plaque in the teen's memory and then went outside to plant a tree to mark the anniversary. Many were surprised by the tone of the ceremony that followed. "Everyone thought it was going to be a sad day but it's really not," notes Eden Boundy, a student at the school. "Like, it's more of a celebration of his life."

Two young friends of the victim, who were both 17 at the time of the crime, were arrested in connection with the boy's death. The motive has never been clear and many remain baffled by what happened.

But the sign that stands outside CW Jefferys on a sunny morning a year later is very clear and very simple. "One heart, one life, one love," it reads. "In memory of Jordan Manners."

Homicide - Ariel Besley

He was only 18 years old and was missing since May 10. Police originally thought he was the victim of a hit and run only to find he was shot to death and thrown like a piece of garbage on the side of the road.

Ariel Besley was found on the shoulder of Old School Rd., between Dixie Rd. and Heart Lake Rd. in Caledon. Police don't know how many times he has been shot or how long he was dead but are pleading for any witnesses to come forward. Besley was a Grade 10 student at North Peel Secondary School in Brampton until two years ago.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Another School Lockdown!! Student Stabbed

In the past year alone, within the city, including Brampton there had to be at least 10 school lockdowns in the past year. The violence in schools continue to erupt and it now goes to show that our children are no longer safe anywhere. School used to be a safe haven but now security has to secure the schools from the students that attend there.

Yesterday 16 year old Luke Thomas (pictured) was stabbed while he stood by his locker with his girlfriend by his side. He was stabbed in once in the stomach but thankfully he'll make it. And guess what he got stabbed for? A measly cell phone. I cannot even imagine anyone having to lose their life for a damn cell phone. Luke's brother reports that he got the cell phone about a month ago, no word on what type of phone it is but clearly it must be like an iPhone for someone to want to take this boys life for something so stupid and small.

Luke is a hardworking kid, doing two jobs to support himself and writing poetry and music lyrics in his spare time. Family describes him as a stand up kid who is never in trouble and not into violence. One person said commented on the school where Luke was stabbed, "It's a bad school(Eastern Commerce). A lot of gangster little punks go there."

Parents just stay on top of the news because lockdowns are now happening every month and unfortunately we now have something extra on our plate to worry about.

Finally some damn Justice!!

Where is this judge when people are getting only 3 years for killing someone? I remember this case and this guy like it happened yesterday. In the summer of 2006, 23 year old Quinn Borde (pictured) went on a shooting spree in the Regent Park area. First he shot a man in the arm in an apartment in the Regent area and when the ambulance and cops arrived the Quinn decided to turn his weapons on them. He managed to get away but did the right thing and turned himself in the next day.

Originally his plan was to kill the victim, Sedric Wade who only got a bullet in the arm and the police officer. In the end he was convicted on two counts of attempted murder. The judge condemned his actions and sentenced him to 25 years in prison. And imagine this man didn’t even kill anyone. The judge took into account all previous charges that Borde has, 18 crimes to be exact. Ironically, it was another case involving the career felon that led to an Ontario Court of Appeals ruling that black offenders can be given more lenient sentences because of systemic racism in the system and other background factors.

The man had no closing words and is now gone to serve his 25 years. The law looks like it’s changing. Don’t know if for better but this is a start. These men are getting off to easy and once their released they just re-offend. Might as well give them the time, 25 years later this man definitely should be changed. He can’t even appeal the case, it pretty much and open and shut case. Now what sucks is he will only spend about 12.5 years as you know all they have to do is spend half their time in jail.

He’s actually a pretty good looking guy too, such a shame.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What’s Wrong with these Damn Kids!!!

UPDATE: The 17 year old on the left has been caught.

I just don’t get it. Why is it possible for these boys that are so young to be carrying guns? I honestly hope I never have to be in the situation where I see my son’s pictured pasted on websites or in the newspaper because they’re wanted. I don’t understand how parents just don’t know what the hell their kids are doing or what their kids are involved in. Our youth need to be saved and it’s just getting harder and harder by the minute. It’s so sad how easy it is to get a gun especially when you’re only 17.

Back in March of this year and altercation between a young lady and a group of men occurred on the Spadina train and one of the young individuals shot the young lady in the leg. Yesterday they managed to arrest an 18 year old in connection with this shooting but police say they can’t release his name because he was 17 at the time of the incident.

Makes no sense to me because police have permission to show the photo and publish the name of the other young offender wanted in connection with this incident as you see pictured. Ibrahim Sadat, who is only 17 (pictured on the left) and Emmaunuel Boakye, 20 are currently wanted in connection with this shooting. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

If these boys can boldly shoot someone on a train with many people in sight, they don’t have a care for the world and can shoot anyone. Clearly not all of them shot the young lady but they all were involved in one way or the other.

Two Men Wanted in Murder Investigation

UPDATE: Duane Gordon has surrendered.
A couple of months ago I posted a story on Jonathan Rodriques. His family and friends were upset because he is not a black man and they didn’t appreciate him being on this board as this board is mainly about black crime so out of respect I removed his information but I now post both men that are wanted in connection with his shooting as they are black males.

Although I shouldn’t post this considering how rude the comments were that was left by his family and friends, I post the information about these young men because unfortunately if they are in anyway involved with this crime they need to be off the streets.

Duane Gordon, 24 and Ron Williams, 21 both pictured above are wanted in connection with the shooting of Jonathan Rodrigues. Mohamed Ahmed Nakhuda, 36, was arrested and charged two months ago for this same murder.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Homicide #17 - Mahamed Adbi Warsame

A young boy was murdered at 25 Cougar Court this past weekend. 16 year old Mahamed Adbi Warsame was found dead in a pool of blood after absorbing a horrific beating in the 9th floor stairwell. This is the second murder in the past two weeks in this highrise.

A boy so young has losing his life like this of course causes fear and concern for residents that live on the building. Building management insists they're looking into beefing up security, but ACORN, the community group organizing the tenants, say that should have been done a long time ago.

It's sad that it takes a couple of murders for a building to decide that security should be added. No suspects have been caught in this homicide.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Man Convicted In Just Desserts Killing Back Behind Bars

Gary Francis who was convicted of manslaughter and robbery has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison on drug-related charges and for refusing to take a breath test. He already served eight years of his 15 year sentence in the Just Desserts case and was paroled in 2005 after receiving time for credit served before the trial. Leimonis died after she was shot twice in the café by Lawrence Augustus Brown, who's serving life in prison on a first-degree murder conviction. Another man charged in connected with the murder, O'Neil Grant, was acquitted and deported to Jamaica. He died there after being shot in November of 2007.

Peel Homicide

Peel is really on a role this year, murders are piling up in this region. By now everyone has heard about the stabbing that occurred in the peel region this week. Out of the blue a man walked up to a woman and stabbed her repeatedly and as her husband came to her aid he too was killed. The killer then stabbed himself in the neck but still remains critical in the hospital. Of course this whole situation is weird and has everyone shaking their head as the two people killed both of Afghanistan descent were not known to the suspect.

Dwayne Palmer, 28 is the individual in the hospital and police stand by his side as they wait to charge him with two counts of second degree murder. Dwayne is a black man and clearly something must have occurred to make him tick. His mother and family are baffled at how or why this even happened. Palmer was previously known to authorities and court documents confirm that at the time of the double stabbing, he was facing drugs and weapons charges related to a New Year's party at a Brampton home just one street away from his mother's residence. He wasn't out on bail as police first stated, but did have a promise to appear in court after being arrested at the party.

This is honestly a sad case and I really have no answer as to what would make someone go crazy this way. Considering if his family did not know of him being like this, the whole situation is just weird. I discussed this with my friends and all of them think he clearly was smoking and had his weed laced with drugs. We won't know for now but we'll see how this comes out in court. Dwayne has now been charged and in no way am I defending Dwayne for his actions as thought by a comment left on the board. It's just odd that a man out of the blue goes up to two people who he doesn't know and kills them. Clearly this is not normal behaviour.

Homicide 15- Ricardo Erik Kelly

Another young black man lost his life on April 26, 2008/ Ricardo Kelly aka " Shoter"was stabbed to death in a building located in the Markham and Eglinton area of Scarborough. Ricardo was only 22 years old.

Kelly, of Toronto, was found in the stairwell suffering from several stab wounds. An autopsy conducted last week showed he died from those wounds.

I must say there is a multitude of stabbings going on right now. It now looks like the weapon of choice is the knives and individuals are using this weapon viciously on people.