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Friday, April 18, 2008

T.O. pair slain in Jamaica

A bitter feud that began in Toronto's east-end has led to deadly gunfire on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica -- leaving two Scarborough men dead and police there on the trail of an international killer.

Ainsley "Cat" Coore, 39, a barber, and Christopher Lyons, 36, were killed in gunfire Monday evening in the Omara Rd. area, Jamaican police said yesterday.

Deputy Supt. Michael Phipps, of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, said the men were attacked as they got out of a car with family members.
He said officers are searching for Anijah "Nijah" Dixon, 26, one of the island's most sought after criminals.

"He is one of our Top 10 most wanted criminals," Phipps said yesterday. "This man is wanted for a number of murders in Jamaica." Police in New York City, where Dixon lived at one time, said he's a long-time gangbanger and member of the Crips. He's also on the New York Top 10 list for murder

Dixon is sought for the July 2001 killings of two reputed Bloods members.
Phipps alleged the Scarborough men had been "targeted" by the gunman, who didn't fire at their families. "This was not your ordinary killing," he said.

He said the men, who returned to Jamaica frequently, arrived last Thursday and on Saturday staged a large party, which the celebrators paid to attend.

"We believe this incident may have started in Canada," he said. "We will be working with Canadian High Commission and Toronto Police to obtain information."

A number of Jamaican barbers in Scarborough said they didn't know Coore, who didn't operate a shop in the community.

Officers with the Toronto Police gun and gang task force said the dead men were not known to police.

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