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Friday, April 11, 2008

Gun Battle Between Cars

So I’m driving along Ellesmere around 6:30pm 2 days ago and police blocked off the area right at Markham and Ellesmere. I made it to Bellamy and Progress only to find that over there was blocked off also. So I made my way on to the highway and could see while I was driving that clearly something was wrong right at Markham and Progress. Yep, something was definitely wrong.

It is reported that the victim was driving a silver Nissan Altima south on Markham Road when a vehicle described as a black SUV pulled up alongside, with two men inside, the victim’s vehicle was fired upon and hit with gunfire from the black SUV, the victim fled the area and drove to a plaza at Scarborough Golf Club and Lawrence Avenue East. The driver was struck with bullets numerous times, and changed places with the passenger. They eventually went to a police station for assistance. Police later located what they believe was the other car involved, a black Ford SUV, at a hotel parking lot at 8500 Warden Ave. in Markham. There was no sign of a suspect.

Hey it might be a case of road rage or beef but we’ll never know. It’ll be sad if we can’t drive safely in our cars anymore.