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Friday, April 18, 2008

T.O. pair slain in Jamaica

A bitter feud that began in Toronto's east-end has led to deadly gunfire on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica -- leaving two Scarborough men dead and police there on the trail of an international killer.

Ainsley "Cat" Coore, 39, a barber, and Christopher Lyons, 36, were killed in gunfire Monday evening in the Omara Rd. area, Jamaican police said yesterday.

Deputy Supt. Michael Phipps, of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, said the men were attacked as they got out of a car with family members.
He said officers are searching for Anijah "Nijah" Dixon, 26, one of the island's most sought after criminals.

"He is one of our Top 10 most wanted criminals," Phipps said yesterday. "This man is wanted for a number of murders in Jamaica." Police in New York City, where Dixon lived at one time, said he's a long-time gangbanger and member of the Crips. He's also on the New York Top 10 list for murder

Dixon is sought for the July 2001 killings of two reputed Bloods members.
Phipps alleged the Scarborough men had been "targeted" by the gunman, who didn't fire at their families. "This was not your ordinary killing," he said.

He said the men, who returned to Jamaica frequently, arrived last Thursday and on Saturday staged a large party, which the celebrators paid to attend.

"We believe this incident may have started in Canada," he said. "We will be working with Canadian High Commission and Toronto Police to obtain information."

A number of Jamaican barbers in Scarborough said they didn't know Coore, who didn't operate a shop in the community.

Officers with the Toronto Police gun and gang task force said the dead men were not known to police.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Toy Drive Held in Honour of Michael George

Scherry George never thought she would lose her son to gun violence but unfortunately that did happen. Her son who was not in any gang or even into violence had his life taken away last year in July and to this day his murder still remains unsolved.
His beautiful mother whom I am luckily enough to know is now doing an excellent job of giving back in her sons honour. The drive is named the Michael 'Meyend Tricks' George Birthday Toy Drive. The toys will go to daycare centres at Centennial College and the city's 23 breakfast clubs.

If you want to help out, here are the drop-off points:

Ashtonbee Campus: 75 Ashtonbee Road, Security Office, Main Floor, Room # A120 (see any Security Staff).

Centre for Creative Communications Campus: 951 Carlaw Ave , Business Office, Main Floor Room #101 (see Kathy or any Centennial staff).

HP Science and Technology Centre: 755 Morningside Ave. ,Security Office Main Floor, Room #234 (see any Security Staff)

Progress Campus: 941 Progress Avenue , Information Desk, 2nd floor - AND - Security Office, 1st floor Room #C1-04 (see any staff at either location)

You can also donate by mail:
Michael George 'Meyend Tricks' Birthday Toy Drive
c/o Centennial College
P O Box 631, Station A
Scarborough, Ontario M1K 5E9

Gun Battle Between Cars

So I’m driving along Ellesmere around 6:30pm 2 days ago and police blocked off the area right at Markham and Ellesmere. I made it to Bellamy and Progress only to find that over there was blocked off also. So I made my way on to the highway and could see while I was driving that clearly something was wrong right at Markham and Progress. Yep, something was definitely wrong.

It is reported that the victim was driving a silver Nissan Altima south on Markham Road when a vehicle described as a black SUV pulled up alongside, with two men inside, the victim’s vehicle was fired upon and hit with gunfire from the black SUV, the victim fled the area and drove to a plaza at Scarborough Golf Club and Lawrence Avenue East. The driver was struck with bullets numerous times, and changed places with the passenger. They eventually went to a police station for assistance. Police later located what they believe was the other car involved, a black Ford SUV, at a hotel parking lot at 8500 Warden Ave. in Markham. There was no sign of a suspect.

Hey it might be a case of road rage or beef but we’ll never know. It’ll be sad if we can’t drive safely in our cars anymore.

Pair Sought for Sex Assault and Robbery

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Images of two suspects wanted in connection to a sexual assault and robbery were released Friday, nearly two months after the violent crime. Authorities say two men robbed a woman, then bound and sexually assaulted her inside an apartment at a high rise complex in the Jane and Finch area on Feb. 19.
The alleged attackers are described as:
Black, 25 to 30-years-old, 5'11", medium build, Long braided black hair, beard and moustache,
He was wearing a heavy dark-coloured winter jacket with reddish trim, a blue hat with white writing, a white hoodie, red sweatshirt, blue jeans and light-coloured shoes.

Black, 25 to 30-years-old, 5'11" Black hair, moustache, Thick lips, He was wearing a heavy, dark-coloured winter jacket, white hoodie with a black pattern on it, black toque, blue jeans, and black shoes with white trim.

Investigators are appealing to other victims, witnesses or anyone with information to call them. A 24-Hour Special Victims Hotline is available at (416) 456-7259. You can also call the sex crimes unit at (416) 808-7474 or Crime Stoppers at (416) 222-TIPS.

Children Subjected to Parent's Lifestyle

This is honestly sad and it really gets me angry when parents involve their children in their bulls**t. Parents that choose to live this gangster lifestyle really don’t take into consideration how what they do can take a toll on their family.

Calvin Richardson, only 7 years old was on the run with his dad. On Tuesday, April 8, 2008, at 2:08 p.m., police responded to a sound of gunshots call in the area of 1765 Lawrence Avenue East.

Police contend the victims came to the unit in the afternoon after having an argument with 40-year-old Clement Serjue, The father of little Calvin Richardson was inside the residence, along with the boy's mother and another man, Troy Harris. At some point in their rehash of the previous fight, tempers boiled over again and this time, cops allege Serjue became enraged. He's accused of pulling out a gun, aiming it straight at the two visitors and pulling the trigger.
Both men were treated and are alive and well. Clement Serjue, 40, had 8 charges laid against him and Troy Harris, his friend that was in the apartment was also arrested.

Now supposedly this young boy witnessed everything that went down in the apartment. Now why would any parent subject their child to such a thing? Now of course this is only what the police are saying but to think that a child actually saw all of this saddens me. Thank God the young boy is fine and hopefully he did not witness any of this even though it is stated he did.

Homicide #11-Abdikarim Ahmed Abdikarim (Update)

I know I’m late but I’m playing catch up now.
While I was out of the country we lost another young promising black youth to violence. Abdikarim Ahmed Abdikarim was 18 years old, chilling outside with his friends in the Lawrence Heights area when he shot and killed cowardly by someone of course that see’s nothing with taking a life. I remember watching the news and seeing the video of someone just pointing a gun and shooting and said to myself how is this possible? How can someone just go around and shoot at people like this? It really puzzles me.

Well today police stated they now have both suspects responsible for the shooting in custody. Twenty-five year-old Wendell Cuff was arrested March 31 and today Owen Smith (below)was arrested after almost a month of searching for him. The entire shooting was caught on camera, though the images are not clear, cops state Wendell is supposedly the individual running and Owen is the individual shooting. Of course they are both presumed innocent

Again I hate stories like this as it’s another black youth lost and 2 other black men going through the system. There hasn’t been any indication on why this occurred but in the end it’s sad and all I can continue to say and hope is that the violence amongst black youth STOP.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Sorry for the long disappearance but I'm back in full effect. Left the country to get my mind right and had no time to blog. Lots of stories to catch up on and new stories will be up and running shortly.

Thank you all for the continued support.