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Monday, February 18, 2008

Murder in Brampton

UPDATE: Peels latest homicide was also a target years ago. In 2003 Andre was facing a murder charge. Andre Harrisingh was charged with the murder of Dwayne McClean. The Crown determined that Harrisingh and his co-accused had acted in self defence even though Harrisingh never did have a weapon when McClean was shot in the chest at close range several times. Because McClean had also fired shots when he was killed, the judge released Andre and his co-accused citing that it was self defence.

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Peel is continuing to make headlines as they have another homicide on their hands. 4th murder iin 2008.

Last night at the Trilogy Nightclub by Kennedy and Queen shots rang out and 26 year old Andre Alexander Harrisingh of Malton was found lying dead in the parking lot.

Peel investigators are looking for a small white vehicle that was spotted leaving the scene along with a green SUV.